Design options for small kitchens in Khrushchev

The resettlement and demolition of obsolete housing has not yet become widespread and residents have to adapt to the shortcomings of the Soviet layout. Particularly annoying is the small kitchen in Khrushchev - a sore topic of past generations. No matter how tiny the size of the room is, there should be a stove, refrigerator, a place for washing dishes and its storage, cabinets for food and tables for cooking and eating.

The interior of a small kitchen in Khrushchev in white

The kitchen in Khrushchev is just a few square meters, on which you need to place everything that should be in a modern kitchen

There are other personal preferences. They should be thoroughly considered and a list of necessary furniture and equipment should be made. Designers offer a lot of tricks to arrange everything and make the room comfortable.

Design with gas stove and fridge

This is the most affordable option for the availability of household appliances. The rest, experts say, needs to be hidden in lockers. Hinged should be done to the ceiling. This will save space and prevent dust and grease from accumulating above. It looks modern, especially with high hinged hinged doors with closers.

Linear kitchen in Khrushchev with tall cabinets

Before embarking on perestroika, you need to get rid of all that is superfluous - to endure everything that is rarely used and only litter the kitchen

Mandatory hood over the stove. With her, not only will there be less children in the kitchen, but it will also be possible to refuse the door. And this is the necessary additional space. It is recommended to install the stove and sink opposite the entrance, at the far wall. Just like other massive objects. As a result, the room will seem more spacious.

Gas stove in the kitchen of Khrushchev

The main purpose of the kitchen is cooking, and this is what determines the design of the room

Advice! Choose light colors for furniture (one or two colors) - more practical than variegated or dark surfaces.

Refrigerator with a horizontal top surface. Will replace the desktop. And, of course, silent - after all, they refused the door to the kitchen. In the comments with descriptions of the refrigerator models that are on the Internet, they can’t do without a description of “noise”. It is possible to choose the appropriate option.

Open door of the horizontal refrigerator in the kitchen of Khrushchev

A horizontal refrigerator is a great idea for a small kitchen

Bar counter in a small kitchen?

It only seems that it is inappropriate in a cramped space. But the result can be both beautiful and comfortable. Allows you to combine a worktop for cooking and a dining area. Additionally, it can perform the function of dividing the space, extending the surfaces of other furniture.

White bar in a small kitchen

Narrow bar counter as a continuation of the desktop

In the classic view, the bar counter is a countertop on supports. People sitting behind her should be able to comfortably place their knees.

The interior of a small kitchen with a breakfast bar

Compact bar counter in the doorway arch

Rack Installation Locations:

  • Perpendicular to the working area of ​​the headset. Suitable for a L-or U-shaped headset, combines a work and dining table, often combined with a sink.
  • Parallel to the headset. It is usually used in studio rooms (where the kitchen is located in the living room) as a space delimiter.
  • Along the wall.Together with the windowsill it turns out to increase the surface, saving space.
  • Isle. The counter is located in the middle of the room; the uniqueness is that the shape of the countertop can be any.

The stand is combined with the surfaces of other items in the headset:

  • With a working surface. There is not enough space for cooking - we complement the bar (at an angle, parallel or perpendicular, even as a continuation).
  • Adding to the table. Tabletops of different heights look original.
  • Combine with a storage location. Under the counter they make a cabinet with drawers, sections or just shelves.

Advice! In narrow rooms, elaborate, complex forms are inappropriate. To decorate the interior, use decorative elements of a functional purpose: coasters, pendants, etc.

Designers suggest using natural materials: brick, wild stone, wood. Combined with the overall style of the kitchen, of course.

What color should be the kitchen

In the kitchen, the hostess spends a lot of time and determining the color scheme of the room is of primary importance. Color should be practical at the same time, not annoying. With its help, craftsmen are able to visually increase the space of a small kitchen. The classic recommendation is calm pastel colors. They will make the time spent in the kitchen calm and relaxing.

Small kitchen Khrushchev with wallpaper on the wall

The lighter the finish of the kitchen, the more spacious the room appears

White furniture

The most common color. Suitable for combination with any other and this is its popularity. Over time, you can change the style of the kitchen as many times as you like - white can be entered in any. Visually expands the space and therefore can be recommended specifically for small rooms.

White kitchen set with gas water heater

White furniture will be the best solution for a kitchen with windows on the shady side of the house.

Pretty easily soiled tone. Any smudges, dust, grease and soot will leave their marks. The hostess will have to constantly clean and clean the surfaces.

Beige headset

Most often used for classic style. Soft tone gives the room a sense of comfort and tranquility. If white can be used in monochrome compositions, it is advised to dilute beige with other colors. Decorate the room with a combination of burgundy or red shades. A less radical combination with chocolate-colored decoration or decoration.

Hinged cabinets up to the ceiling of the Khrushchev’s kitchen

Furniture looks less bulky if the color of the facades is in harmony with the wallpaper on the wall

The contrast of the color of the walls and the headset itself will look beautiful. It is also advised to use curtains and a chandelier in contrasting shades.

Shade selection

How many people - so many wishes in interior design. In addition to commonly used colors, you can meet other solutions:

  • Red radicalism. The color is too bright for the kitchen. It can be recommended more for holiday decorations. However, if you want to shock your guests, a red kitchen is not a bad option. But not for small rooms.
  • Gray practicality. The most not soiled color. In combination with other shades it looks either good or excellent - there are no bad pairs. Most often used for an apron.
  • Green freshness. Kohler is used in many styles. Pleasant in that it has many shades. Designers offer it for spot accents of decorative elements.
Red suite in a small kitchen Khrushchev

When decorating the kitchen, try to use no more than 2-3 basic colors

Advice! Ideal for a small kitchen consider a white tone.

But the whole interior in this color is too boring. The combination of pearl gray and white also expands the space. The feeling of freshness will bring lemon, lime, blue. Their use with white pleasantly diversifies everyday life.

Dark artificial stone countertop

A black and white combination looks stylish in a modern interior, but white should be a priority

Which set is appropriate in a small kitchen

Furniture is the main detail of the interior. And the most striking.The models offered on the market allow you to choose a kitchen set in Khrushchev for every taste. Of course, there are general recommendations from manufacturers and interior designers.

A compact set of green tint in the kitchen of Khrushchev

Due to severe space limitations, luxury headsets disappear immediately

U-shaped interior with a bar counter

U-shaped layout - this is when the headset and other furniture are located on three walls (letter P). Often, one of the “legs” in P is a bar counter. Not recommended for too elongated rooms, the rest is suitable for everyone.

Khrushchev kitchen with a U-shaped set

U-shaped layout will solve all issues of storage of kitchen utensils

It is convenient if:

  • studio or kitchen-living room;
  • square or rectangular kitchen;
  • windowsill with a height of about 90 cm (next to it will be a table or counter);
  • You plan to cook a lot and need large work surfaces.

Advice! Leave a gap of 120 cm between the cabinets (less is crowded, more is extra movement).

The positive aspects of this decision include convenience and practicality: everything is at hand and wherever you turn - the working surfaces of tables or floor cabinets are nearby.

White kitchen U-shaped configuration

In the U-shaped kitchen everything is within walking distance

Of the negative - too much piling up of furniture. Most often in a small kitchen there will be no place for a dining table. The last problem can be solved with a pull-out bar.

Direct layout

The headset with this option is located near one wall. It is recommended to combine with the island a breakfast bar or dining table. It is convenient if:

  • the kitchen is small and a lot of cooking is not expected;
  • complex layout (niches, ledges, uncomfortable doors, balcony);
  • single tenant or childless family;
  • don't need a lot of household appliances.
Gas stove linear headset

When choosing a linear layout, all appliances and cabinets are placed along the length of the wall

In such an interior, it is good to arrange a large dining group or resting place with a corner or even a simple sofa.

Of the positive qualities: the most simple and inexpensive option, the room seems spacious and bright. Negative are the inconvenience of using in a long room (3-4 meters) and a small work surface in a short one.

Direct layout of the kitchen in Khrushchev

A variant of the linear layout of a narrow kitchen, the owners of which carried a dining table into an adjacent room

Combined Options

With a complex layout, and this is often found in old Khrushchevs, you have to approach individually, solving directly arising problems.

Designers recommend using the maximum available space. If there are niches - insert a cabinet into it or combine floor and hanging furniture. The main thing is to completely fill the space to the ceiling.

A large fridge mirror in a small kitchen

The mirror surface, located opposite the window, visually expand the space of the kitchen

Floor cabinets and tables should be the same height for ease of sharing. One and the same surface should alternately become either a working area or a dining place.

Interior lighting game

Creative approach to the lighting in the kitchen, designers hide the flaws, emphasize the advantages and create an atmosphere of comfort. A particular solution to lighting design is to illuminate a kitchen unit using various fixtures, locations and the intensity of light sources. Depending on the tasks set by the owner, the backlight options are used, both the entire headset and its parts.

Bright lighting of the white kitchen of Khrushchev

A comfortable kitchen begins with good lighting, bright enough to make it convenient to cook

In 90% of cases, professionals use either ready-made fixtures or point elements.

The following types of light sources are found:

  • Linear, patch LEDs. There are single or assembled into a module (convenient in that you can collect a line of any length).
  • Overhead or mortise spotlights. They are built into the headset panel or on the ceiling along the edges of the wall cabinets.
  • Tape LEDs. Attract with a wide variety of colors offered, convenient for installation.
  • Wall Skinal. It is a panel with a pattern and backlight (3D images are popular).

By location, the backlight is distinguished:

  • under the hinged block;
  • work area (cutting table, stove, sink);
  • glass cabinet doors;
  • from inside a transparent countertop.

Additionally! Separately, it is worth mentioning the touch LEDs. They are highlighted in blue and from touch turn on the lighting of individual zones.

The combination of all available methods allows you to offer a variety of solutions. Opportunities are reflected in the models of kitchen sets offered by manufacturers.

LED illumination of the working area in a small kitchen

The illumination of work surfaces should be especially bright, which is easier to do with a glossy white apron

The classic use of a large central chandelier is proposed to diversify with the help of models of unusual shapes and bright colors. Massive forged high-tech, sometimes minimalism.

Of the colors offer calm yellow, blue tones, the use of mirrors. But there are cardinal solutions: bright red colors, for example.

Spotlights on the ceiling of a small kitchen

Uniform lighting of the kitchen can be provided by spotlights, built around the perimeter of the ceiling

However, the latest fashion trends insist on the use of separate lighting with the use of small lamps and LEDs. The most impractical, but very attractive can be considered the illumination of the basement of the kitchen unit. A ribbon of tiny lights of calm blue, blue, beige colors gives charm and comfort. Especially when reflected in a laminate or bulk floor.

How to choose furniture in a small kitchen

For a visual increase in space, it is better to choose light colors of furniture. Combined with wall decoration, the kitchen will seem larger. A dark set should be placed near the far wall, a color that should be much lighter. For the kitchen in Khrushchev, it is more convenient to choose a set according to the photo - the design for small rooms is often found on the pages of special sites.

Linear set with pull-out table in the kitchen of Khrushchev

A pull-out table is convenient and practical. It easily rolls out from under the main countertop when an additional surface is needed, and is also easily removed, making the passage free

Capacity or compactness - that's what you have to choose from. For a standard room, the models proposed by the manufacturer are also suitable. Otherwise, it is recommended to order a special project.

Advice! To save space, choose tall cabinets and three-story headsets.

Open kitchen door

The optimal solution is to make a headset to order according to individual sizes

All-glass furniture or with an abundance of glass doors and shelves will look appropriate and modern. Manufacturers widely use glass and in a cramped room it will not seem like a jumble of excess furniture. Among the new products there are transformer tables of various types and technological solutions. You can choose the most suitable model and significantly save space.

Glass Countertop Kitchen Table

Transparent furniture contributes to the visual expansion of the kitchen space

Idea: table and window sill

Even less takes up space in the kitchen. Attracts by the simplicity and functionality of the solution. The most common option is to install a countertop instead of a windowsill. A sort of overgrown window sill. At the same time, it can be combined with the adjacent surface of the desktop. Curbstones with places for storing food and utensils are made as supports for the overhanging edge.

Table instead of window sill in the kitchen of Khrushchev

Option to integrate the surfaces of the windowsill, dining table and work surface into a single whole

As an option, you can recommend the descending countertop adjacent to the windowsill. In normal times, it is omitted and does not affect the work in the kitchen. For lunch or work, she is raised.

Retractable bar counter under the kitchen window

Another option is a pull-out table rolling out on casters from under the windowsill

The most common form is direct. However, designers offer numerous options in the most bizarre styles.

A small kitchen in Khrushchev can be turned into a cozy home corner.All you need is desire.

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Photo: examples of kitchen arrangement in Khrushchev

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