Attic bedroom design with sloping ceiling

The working geometry of the attic allows you to realize the most daring design ideas. However, most often this part of the room goes under the clutter and the attic. Today we’ll learn how to correctly and efficiently make a living and comfortable room out of this part of the building.

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The design of the attic bedroom, as a rule, looks unusual and original, and first of all, it owes this non-standard form of the roof.

Design features of the attic under a cozy bedroom: the uniqueness of the room

Attic is a small room, which is characterized by small windows and low shaped ceilings. Most often this part of the building is not used for several reasons.

  1. Poor lighting. Due to the geometry and the lack of windows, few people want to wake up in the dark.
  2. Limited space. Many people find it easier to make a real loft out of this part of the building and store less-used appliances in it.
attic bedroom design ideas

When decorating the attic bedroom, you need to adhere to some rules so that the atmosphere is original and comfortable.

Speaking of the stylistic organization of the premises, there will definitely not be any problems with this. The main one is correct ergonomics, which will accommodate not only the bed, but also additional elements of everyday life.

Advantages and disadvantages of the attic bedroom in a private wooden house

As shown by many years of practice, speaking of the attic bedroom, several significant advantages can be distinguished in order to make it a sleeping room.

  1. The space of the whole house is freed.
  2. Easy to play with area using zoning.
  3. Unusual view. Lovers of the night sky will be able to relax after a difficult day.
  4. With the right design, such a room will look very romantic.
  5. This is exactly the place that will help you to completely retire and relax.
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The arrangement of the bedroom “under the roof” has its advantages and disadvantages.

Despite these obvious advantages, you can not remain silent about the minuses.

  1. Owners will find a big front of work: from insulation to the purchase of special furniture modules.
  2. Pretty noisy room. This will be especially noticeable in the rain. Many change the coating so that the drops do not "bomb" at night.
  3. It is very difficult to remodel a room without professional help. Any mistake can tell on the stability of the roof.
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Disadvantages, as a rule, are the continuation of advantages, and the design of a bedroom in the attic in this sense is no exception.

Important! If you approach the solution of this problem correctly and do not start saving on source materials and a simple design project, then after a short period of time the room will be completely ready.

The choice of style for the attic bedroom

There are no special rules when choosing the style of the attic bedroom. Owners can do everything to their liking or use ready-made ideas. You can make out the most popular ideas.

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The use of “roof” space increases the available living space in the house.

Design in a modern style.

When it comes to modern style, two main areas should be distinguished.

  1. Industrial (loft) - more masculine.
  2. High tech.
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It is possible to use various materials of different price categories for decoration.

Both options are quite simple to implement. You can even cope with the project on your own. For the industrial are characterized by such features.

  1. Unfinished surfaces. This can be reflected in open or glued brick, or specially aged wooden beams.
  2. The presence of open pipes, a special box made of metal.
  3. Minimalism is the absence of all that is superfluous.
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You can provide daylight for almost all functional areas in the room.

You can supplement this design of the cottage with paintings by contemporary artists or unusual objects. This design is more suitable for those who like to spend time alone and do not focus on the details.

Hi-tech more homely and progressive style. This design mainly uses plastic, leather, three times as many white shades and even a stretch ceiling.

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Suitable for the active type of people who love freedom and lots of light.

Attic bedroom: classic style interior

Speaking of classic design, it is worth highlighting several major mistakes:

  1. It is worth avoiding excessive pomposity. In the 21st century, it no longer looks as luxurious as it may seem to many.
  2. Do not litter the room with excess furniture.
  3. Mostly suitable for the living room.
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With competent playing out all the breaks and elevations you get a truly exclusive interior.

Classical design is characterized by noble tones: universal beige, shades of gray, etc. It is desirable to cover the walls with pastel tones, which will contribute to relaxation and rest.

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A bedroom or a nursery in the attic should remain an island of comfort.

Provence or country style attic bedroom

Provence and country will be at the peak of popularity for at least another 10 years. Therefore, for those who are just thinking about remaking the room - this is a good option. For these styles, it is advisable to use the following palette.

  1. Pink tones.
  2. Pistachio shades.
  3. Coffee colors.
attic bedroom photo decor

Installing furniture in such rooms seems to be a problem, but in fact, everything is solved.

Speaking of what should complement the space, we can highlight the presence of textiles. It can be extra pillows or even special wallpapers.

Options for the sleeping area in the attic with a sloping ceiling: guest, children, adult

A children's bedroom in the attic is the dream of every teenager. The kid will initially get his own space, which he can independently dispose of. This will positively affect not only his emotional calm. For girls and boys, you can choose special modules.

attic bedroom nautical style

In the attic, the ceiling is of particular importance during decoration.

Features of the sloping ceiling is that you have to work on choosing furniture. Speaking of an adult headset, it is advisable to order drawers, a bed and cabinets for an individual size. In the worst case, you have to customize furniture with your own hands.

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It is very important to choose the right stylistic direction, and choose the finishing materials in accordance with it.

With guest everything is much easier. Special modules will help not only have fun in a noisy and large company, but also accommodate guests if they want to stay.

Designer's recommendations for the design of a bedroom in the attic

Today, there are several basic recommendations that have been collected by experts for the organization of a bedroom in the attic with a sloping and straight ceiling. Only with experience can additional features be identified that affect coziness and convenience.

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Everything is applicable: paint, brick, paneling, clapboard, wallpapering.

Tips for decorating the attic bedroom

The first thing you need to think about when remodeling the attic is over warming. If the bedroom is cold, not a single design and the presence of 10 blankets will save the owner from constant cold and colds.

attic bedroom design

It is not worth saving on material and specialists, even if we are talking about a country house.

Lighting is an important factor that many overlook. Wiring must only be carried out by an experienced electrician. If we are talking about a wooden house, then it is faulty wiring that most often causes a fire.

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If the interior of the attic bedroom is planned to be decorated in a modern or classic style, the irregularities of the ceiling can be removed with the help of drywall, behind which beams and “extra” volumes will hide.

If the entire technical part was done by professionals, then you can approach the issue of design and proper organization of the room yourself. Implementation of the planned project on its own will help to recoup previous costs.

The most suitable curtains for the attic bedroom

Curtains are the last element of a decor which needs to be acquired after repair has been completed.

attic bedroom photo decoration

Choosing colors should be guided by the same principles as when choosing a tone for finishing other rooms.

Based on the characteristics of the premises, it is worth highlighting several recommendations.

  1. The geometry of the roof allows you to design even the ceiling. If the window is straight and classic, it is better to give preference to heavy curtains.
  2. For tilted windows is suitable "pleated". These are special blinds that customize the features of the window.
  3. If the windows are dull, paper models are best.
  4. If it is very dark indoors, it is best to use the BlackOut option.
attic bedroom interior ideas

It is advisable to choose the curtains, taking into account the general design of the room, whether it is Scandinavian or classic.

There will be no problems with the choice, as the modern assortment gives vent to even the most daring fantasies.

The decoration of the walls in the attic bedroom

As mentioned earlier, it is advisable to choose pastel colors. They are relevant for any design. However, if we talk about an interesting wall decoration that can bring it closer to naturalness, then you can experiment with widescreen photo wallpapers.

attic bedroom design ideas

Children especially like this direction.


Too complex and single compositions should be avoided. Preference is best given to natural textures. It can be either large fern leaves or a mountain landscape.

attic bedroom design photo

For inspiration, it is proposed to study the interior options of the attic rooms on actual photo murals.


At the peak of popularity today it is matte shades. To select an exclusive tone, it is advisable to use the current palette from fashion designers.

attic bedroom decoration ideas

You can mix the right shade in any building hypermarket.

Important! It is the wall covering that is responsible for zoning and expansion of space. If the attic is small - you should avoid deep and dark shades. For expansion, you can use geometry.

How to put a bed in the attic bedroom

The position of the bed will depend on the bevel of the roof. In 80% of cases, you don’t have to choose, the bed is set closer to the natural light source.

attic bedroom decor ideas

This can be a position both in the middle of the room and in its corner.

Given the psychological factors, the following nuances can be distinguished.

  1. Do not install a bed under a sloping roof. At a psychological level, people lose their sense of security.
  2. A sloping roof overhead causes a feeling of lack of space. This may affect stiffness.
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Skylights create specific lighting - a light stream directed from top to bottom at a certain angle. This must be taken into account when planning the interior.

For better air circulation and lack of dust, experts recommend choosing places under the ceiling, which has a parallel position. If the height still remains small, then it is advisable to put flowers next to the bed. The branches should stretch up. Using these simple recommendations will help in the proper organization of the premises.

attic bedroom decor ideas

The design of the bedroom in the attic of considerable size and with large windows can be decorated in dark colors, have a dark floor.

Attic is an interesting place from the point of view of effective organization of the whole house. If you make a living bedroom out of it, you can unload the lower floors and allocate them for hanging out with family or friends.

attic bedroom decoration ideas

The invested forces in the redevelopment will fully justify themselves, if you draw up a project in advance.

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