Functional and stylish design of the bedroom 12 sq m: interesting ideas, tricks and recommendations

To create a calm, intimate atmosphere in the bedroom you need to make a lot of effort. Especially in a limited area. For sleeping in homes, apartments are often allocated the smallest rooms. Often the size is 12 squares. This may not seem enough. However, modern design techniques and methods make it possible to design a bedroom of 12 square meters. m. quite functional, attractive even without the help of a professional. Consider the helpful tips for arranging a small bedroom in this publication.

variant of a beautiful bedroom interior

Modern room decoration ideas can make even the smallest room cozy and functional.

an example of an unusual style of a bedroom

The design of the bedroom should be pleasant and cozy.

Rules for the arrangement of 12 square meters

The main rule of a comfortable interior is the absence of unnecessary things, details. The room should maximize the person to a complete rest, give the opportunity to relax. Accessories that are too bright and trim may prevent this. Particular attention should be paid to the decoration of the ceiling. He should not exert pressure. For him, it is better to choose light colors that maximize the height.

The floor in the room should be warm. The ideal solution is to buy a carpet, laminate, fluffy carpet. The color of the floor should be in harmony with other interior details. Laminate should be laid diagonally. This will visually increase the area.

The functionality of the furniture is another important aspect of designing a bedroom design of 12 sq m. There is not enough space. Each piece of furniture must perform several practical tasks at once.

bright bedroom design idea

Use only the most necessary things in the room

An example of a light bedroom decor

For the ceiling, it is best to choose light colors.

bright bedroom design option

The floor in the bedroom should be warm and combined with the interior of the room

The choice of furniture, colors

In the design of a modern bedroom of 12 sq. M, it is important to provide for several functional areas: for work, sleep, storage. For this you need furniture. Give preference to standard, familiar bedside elements. You need to purchase the following furnishings.

  • Double bed. A width of 180 cm will be enough. To the bed you should choose a high-quality orthopedic mattress.

  • Two pedestals. You can put lighting on them, put books, gadgets, watches for sleep.

  • Cupboard. The best choice would be a wardrobe. In it you will find a place not only for casual wear. A spacious closet will allow you to hide bedding, towels, rugs, books, some small household appliances.

  • Desk, chair. Often a bedroom is combined with a study. The work area does not take up much space. It is necessary to choose compact computer tables, equip the area with additional lighting.

Having decided on the furniture, you should choose a color. The color scheme is able to significantly transform the space. She can make him more attractive, more. Or completely ruin it. For greater comfort, you need to choose among calm, peaceful shades. Too bright tones will interfere with a good rest. Ideal: sand, green, gray, white, turquoise colors. You can choose a decent combination to them.So, white is perfectly combined with black, gray - with purple.

an example of an unusual bedroom design

In small rooms use multifunctional furniture

option of a beautiful bedroom interior

For the bedroom, it is best to choose calm shades.

Design of a bedchamber combined with a balcony

The choice of styles of a bedchamber combined with a balcony is wider. The balcony allows you to increase the area, use new ideas. It is important to create a holistic interior of the combined areas. Style choose one. Perfect country, Provence. The balcony can be used as a working area. Together with the demolished partition, you can hang a screen. It will close during operation.

On the balcony you can organize a small "island" for relaxation. You will need a small table, several comfortable chairs. As a decor, you can use bright pillows, an original tablecloth. On the table you can leave fresh flowers in a beautiful vase.

Important! Combining a room with a balcony, one should not forget about warming. Good thermal insulation will make the bed more comfortable, help reduce heating costs.

idea of ​​an unusual style of a bedroom

From the balcony you can make a workplace

an example of a beautiful bedroom decor

In small rooms it is better to use only the most necessary

option for a bright bedroom interior

Room style should be holistic and harmonious.

Secrets to Increasing Space

It’s hard to organize a stylish design of a bedroom of 12 sq m without the use of special design techniques. In a cramped room it is difficult to relax, tune in to a good rest. Visually increase the space will help certain recommendations. Consider them in more detail in a table form.

Reception space increase

Features of use in the bedroom


In the design of a small bedroom of 12 squares, the standard doors of the wardrobe can be replaced with mirrored surfaces. If a chest of drawers is installed instead of a cabinet, one large mirror can be hung on the wall.

Glossy paint

It can be replaced with ordinary wallpaper. Glossy paint is best used on the walls. It is not necessary to paint all the walls, you can only have one, highlighting a certain area.

Striped wallpaper

The best solution is the alternation of vertical, horizontal lines.

Low furniture purchase

Low objects will help to make the room deeper.

idea of ​​a bright bedroom style

Light shades can visually increase the size of the room

option for a bright bedroom interior

Use the recommendations of experts, they will tell you how to properly design a room

Interior bedchairs in a private house

Owners of private homes are more fortunate. They have a much wider selection of options for furnishing, decorating the bedroom. The rooms may not be large. However, the unusual shape of the room will have a positive effect. In a private house there is no need to combine a sleeping corner with other functional areas. The owners' task is only to equip the most comfortable place for rest, relaxation.

The center of the room should be a beautiful, large double bed. Preference should be given to bright models decorated with designer forging and carving. The cabinet can be built into the wall even when planning the house. This will save space. Near the bed you can install two nightstands, put a few fluffy rugs. Particular attention should be paid to curtains. They should be lush, airy. It is better to choose natural fabrics. This applies to other textiles too. Expensive fabrics emphasize the good taste of the owners.

variant of a beautiful design of a bedroom

In a private house with a bedroom, things are a little simpler.

idea of ​​a light bedroom decor

The main attribute of the bedroom should be the bed

the idea of ​​a bright bedroom interior

Materials for the bedroom are better to choose natural

Different types of houses

The bedroom in different types of houses can differ in its shape, ceiling height, and other characteristics. Consider tips for arranging bedrooms in different types of houses.

  1. Khrushchev Apartments in Khrushchev are small in size, poor thermal insulation. Before interior decoration, housing must be carefully insulated. It is expensive, but it will allow you to live in comfort, less heat in the winter.For finishing, you need to choose materials of light warm shades. Yellow, soft pink, purple are perfect. Lighting is needed more than in ordinary apartments. You can mount the backlight in furniture. Often in Khrushchev there is not enough space to equip the living room. Then it is combined with a bedchamber. In this case, it is better to replace a comfortable double bed with a folding sofa.

  2. Panel house. In such apartments much more natural light, high ceiling. In the interior, you can apply a stretch ceiling with several levels. You can mount an extraordinary backlight in it. The design for the ceiling can be matte. The style should be chosen based on the overall style of the apartment. Usually use a modern style. There is nothing superfluous in it.

variant of the unusual design of the bedroom

When creating a bedroom project, it is worth considering its shape, size and features

the idea of ​​an unusual bedroom decor

The light in the room should not be too bright, enough soft diffused light

Blue bed

There is an opinion about the extremely limited choice of color for a small room. Many advise to equip them only in white colors. Using white is a really great solution. However, light shades of any other palette colors will look no worse! If your favorite color is blue, you can take it as a basis. Blue will be a great backdrop for furniture, various accessories.

Choose light shades of blue, azure. Combine them with white. Blue is perfect for rooms located on the south side. Such a color scheme will create a light cool, visually increase the space. It should be present not only in the decoration. Blue bedding, textiles, pillows will look great. You can try to combine several shades at once, choose a specific topic - marine, heavenly. Ideas of this design can be found on the Internet.

an example of a bright bedroom style

Blue color will be a great backdrop for furniture

An example of a bright bedroom decor

It is not necessary to make the whole room in one color, the combination of blue and white will look great

idea of ​​a bright bedroom design

Blue is great for south-facing bedrooms.

Pink purple tandem

This color scheme is perfect for people who are distinguished by a deep inner world. The interior in pink and purple tones will be appreciated by artists, writers, romantics, young couples in love. When creating a similar bedroom design of 12 sq m, use the following tips.

  • Choose only one primary color, apply the other in detail. As the main one, pale pink is suitable. He will visually increase the space, set up for a full sleep.

  • Use white color. It can only be used for ceilings. The white ceiling will not “crush”; it will tint the pale pink walls.

  • Violet can be applied in detail. It is worth buying purple bedding, pillows. Purple curtains will look great. They should be light, airy.

  • One of the zones can be distinguished by a purple wall. This is a stylish design touch. A bright wall in the room will help to focus on a specific detail - on the bed. On this wall you can hang a picture. Unusual landscape, still life will make the room more comfortable.

option of a bright decor of a bedroom

Use only one primary color.

an example of a beautiful bedroom style

Purple walls and a white ceiling are the best solution for a small bedroom

Beige color

Any pastel colors are preferable for the interior of small rooms. They look stylish, increase the area, become a wonderful background for any style. Beige is the main Art Nouveau, modern, classic, and many others. It can be used in the design of walls, ceilings, decoration.

Beige is very warm. It will provide an opportunity to relax after hard physical, mental work. Beige wallpaper for decoration is better to choose with stripes. Horizontal strip to visually expand the room, vertical - increase the height of the ceiling.You can combine beige with white. Make the top of the walls white, the bottom beige. You can decorate the cover with family photos, interesting paintings.

Gender can be chosen in dark brown. The best option is parquet or laminate. Laminate is cheaper, has high thermal insulation. You can dilute the dark floor with a light beige carpet near the bed. To make the interior even more interesting, use bright details in textiles.

the idea of ​​a beautiful bedroom interior

Beige color is very often used in bedroom design.

version of the unusual decor of the bedroom

Beige color is used in the design of walls, ceilings and decorative elements.

idea of ​​a bright bedroom style

Beige color helps to relax after a hard day.

Green bed

Green can be applied in almost any style. Shades of green of varying intensity are actively used in decoration, decor, furniture. To design a bedroom in such a color scheme, not everyone will decide. This bold move will make it possible to organize a bright, extraordinary design. How to use green? Consider the main recommendations.

  • Green is refreshing, has positive energy, calms nerves. This shade is suitable for active, athletic people.

  • Psychologists say that green helps to fall asleep much faster. Bed linen is available in this range.

  • It is better to use pale, light shades in wall decoration. Can be combined with white, light green.

  • Juicy shades can be used in individual details. For example, make bright pillows for a bed, a wrap for chairs.

  • A floral print is an excellent solution for a green bedchamber. The ornament can be placed on one of the walls. The main thing is to avoid large drawings.

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