Tips and advice on interior design of a country living room

A summer residence is real happiness! Finally, wait for the summer, and for the whole weekend rush out of town to delve into your favorite kindergarten, grill kebabs or just mess around with a book ... Just a dream! But in order for this dream to look as real in reality as in the sweetest fantasies, you need to prepare and arrange the country house as it should. The living room in the country house, where the family will gather, requires you to pay special attention to yourself, where you will relax in the evening with a book or spend rainy evenings.

Kitchen-living room in a summer house from a bar

The living room in the country can combine both a place for rest and a kitchen area

It is necessary to decorate the living room in a country house with a soul, imagination, but also with knowledge of some important details. Look at the design options for the living room in the country in the photo, connect your own imagination and first of all think in general terms, without a rigid binding in reality: how do you see your room? Should it be wooden in a rustic style, or can it be bright and colorful? It begins with fantasy and ideas, and then we will open a few secrets that will definitely help you decide on all the details.

Features of the living room in the country

Choosing a successful design of a room in the country, you should remember that this dwelling is different from the main, permanent. Here other laws apply. What should be considered first? The main feature is that you will come here periodically, in order to relax and spend time relaxed. In the same way, the room in a hotel room in a resort is different - it is not at all like a home living room, is it? About the same way in the country.

Wooden box instead of a coffee table in the country

The cottage interior is characterized by simple decoration and decor, which you can do yourself

Therefore, the whole design and the whole design of the living room at your cottage should meet the basic requirements: relaxation, comfort, relaxation. It should be light, warm, comfortable, a little festive, beautiful, unusual. Here you do not live permanently, so the unusual design will not get bored, but on the contrary, you will miss it on working days.

Metal fireplace in the living room at the cottage

It is necessary to equip the cottage based on whether the house will be used in the winter

Everything should be made of strong and durable materials, because for a long time you may not be here, or perhaps the cottage will stand cold in the winter weeks or even months. Be sure to consider dust, moisture and temperature when choosing materials for decoration. And you definitely will not want to do repairs here often. So choose the design “for centuries” so that you don't have to repaint or re-glue anything in a couple of years.

Design a small living room in the country

Even if your room is small, like the whole house, it does not matter. For a pleasant cozy rest, even the miniature room itself will be just right at your dacha, and even vice versa, it will be more comfortable in a small one.

A cozy living room in a small country house

In the country, you can implement such an interior, which is difficult to imagine in a city apartment

Decide what should be in it, and get rid of everything superfluous.Leave, for example, a miniature fireplace, an armchair or a small sofa (you can corner or folding), and a small coffee table. A large table is not needed here, because you can have lunch in the courtyard or in the kitchen. Hang an old cuckoo clock and a picture with a beautiful still life on the walls, and let the decoration be wooden. A lot of light, a rug under your feet - that's all!

Nothing superfluous, no pretentiousness, simplicity and comfort - these are all the “elephants” on which the successful interior of the living room at the dacha stands.

Decorating the living room in the country

So, you almost distinctly see in your bright fantasies the future design of a country house. A sofa, curtains on the window, a fireplace is burning, a furry dog ​​is lying on the carpet ... Although, a dog is not the main attribute of the interior. But about the decoration of walls, floors and ceilings, you should think in advance.

Finishing with natural wood in the living room at the cottage

If the house is used only in the summer, finishing materials need to be selected taking into account the climatic conditions of your region

Thinking over the design of a large or very small country living room, start with the decoration materials. Here, completely different laws apply than in the decoration of residential buildings and apartments.

Ceiling decoration

Ceilings in the country should be the "foundation" of the interior. Most likely, the ceilings here are high - in country houses they are, as a rule, much higher than in residential apartments. And this is a huge plus.

Wooden beams on the ceiling of a country house

In the interior of the country house, wooden beams will be appropriate

You are especially lucky if the ceiling has a triangular shape, repeating the bends of the roof of the house. So you can create a beautiful design: use wooden beams to create volume, and thus achieve an unusual effect. By the way, wooden beams and ceilings generally look good in the living room at the dacha: simple massive beams that perform a decorative function. It can be one or two beams along the entire ceiling, just below its level. On these beams you can fasten the decor, put climbing plants falling down, hang something. Very beautiful!

Dark beams on a white ceiling background

The space between the beams can be sheathed with lining or covered with sheet material with subsequent painting

In general, it is enough to paint the ceiling, or decorate with wooden hanging panels. Excessive decor is not needed here: the main thing is strength and durability.

Floor finish

For the floor, there are several options: this is painting, and the use of durable materials, such as wood. An ideal, albeit not a wooden option - wooden parquet. Such a floor is warm, pleasant, it creates an incredible feeling of coziness in country life. The wooden floor of natural color will suit absolutely any interior style, and will also last at least a hundred years!

Wooden floor in the living room in the country

The flooring in the country house should be as practical as possible.

A cheaper option is laminate or linoleum, but here it’s more complicated, since these materials are afraid of moisture and dampness, low temperatures, and are suitable only if the house is always dry and warm. And this rarely happens in the country.

Motley coloring of a rug on a wooden floor

A beautiful rug on the floor will add coziness and warmth to the interior of the room

A carpet is definitely needed. But not a carpet, of course, but a separate beautiful rug that can be periodically removed from the floor, washed, dried or curled up when the room is not in use.

Wall decoration

With walls, everything is especially interesting. The law is the same: emphasis on durability and resistance to all external factors. So the wallpaper does not fit, we immediately sweep them (you have to re-glue in a couple of years). Paint is also not the best option, you have to repaint quite often. What then to choose?

Pine boards on the wall of the living room of the country house

Natural wood best tolerates the winter season, when the cottage is without heating

Ideally - wood panels. They can be in the form of large plates or bars, logs, decorative, whatever. To decorate the walls with wood means to create beauty at home for many years. You can also use decorative tiles and bricks, bamboo coatings, decorative plaster, but the most resistant and high-quality.Be sure to combine the materials, for example, half of the walls can be decorated with wood panels, and the second part of the room is plastered with textured decorative plaster. Beauty!

Creating the necessary lighting in the interior of the living room

In any modern home should be a lot of light, and especially this applies to the cottage. The more windows here, the more natural light, the more comfortable the room will be. But artificial lighting should be taken care of.

Living room lighting with wooden ceiling

The choice of design of fixtures depends on the style of the interior.

Lighting a recreation area in the living room in the country

Vintage lamp and candelabra with candles look beautiful in the living room with wooden trim

A chandelier can take place: choose the style of the room, depending on the design decision. Do not forget the floor lamps and sconces, outdoor large lamp. The more light sources, the more comfortable and beautiful the room will be. Hang a cute garland, arrange decorative lamps, or rather candles in candlesticks. Do not spare the light, it will not be superfluous!

Color palette in the design of the living room in the country

The main color of your living room, its furniture, walls, floor and textiles should be chosen depending on which interior style you prefer.

Pink curtains on the windows of a log cabin

For the design of the living room in the country, simple natural shades are optimal

Do not make the living room in the country too dark. On the contrary, the brighter it is, the more comfortable and pleasant your vacation in the country will be. It is best to choose a shade of natural light wood, and "dance" from it. Brown wood color and wood texture positively affect the mood and psyche, and in this room there will always be a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

Cozy summer house with a TV in front of the sofa

The smaller the living room, the lighter should be the decoration of the walls and ceiling

Add colors in textiles and decor - delicate, warm, for example, use yellow, orange shades. Everything should be restrained, warm and harmonious.

The choice of style for the interior of the living room

The living room in the country can be decorated in the same interior styles as the home. The only thing worth remembering all the time when choosing a style - it should be comfortable here. There should be a relaxation. Nothing should invigorate, irritate, excite the brain. Everything should calm and give a feeling of bliss. This is a place to relax from the bustle of the city!

Chalet style country house interior

The interior of a wooden house is easiest to design in the style of an alpine chalet


Cottage in a modern style is a good solution. Modern practical materials, high-quality coatings, beautiful modern furniture. Everything is reserved, nothing superfluous, no "rich" pretentiousness. Emphasis on simplicity and comfort.

Living room lounge in the cottage in a modern style

To decorate the living room in a modern style, stone, brick, painting or wallpaper can be used.

Colors are natural: beige, brown, light wood, gray. Natural wooden coatings for floors, ceilings and walls can and should be used. Massive wooden furniture of simple shapes, a large leather light sofa, simple plain curtains and textiles. No ruffles and flowers, everything is simple. Fireplace, candles, and only comfort!


And if the soul requires luxury, and the wallet can satisfy this requirement, then choose the classic style! Everything is luxurious, beautiful, artsy, rich. Here you can combine wood with gilding, use paintings in massive frames, decorative shotguns and sabers on the walls, horns and stuffed animals. Imagine a hunting lodge of some king, and this will be your cottage in the classical style.

Classic living room interior with fireplace

The classic interior will look better in a fairly spacious country house


Provence style is very suitable for summer cottages: the charm of a cute grandmother's village with the charm of France. These are natural materials, shabby paint in delicate shades, vintage furniture and old-style decor.

Lining on the wall of a summer house in the style of Provence

Provence-style interior perfect for summer cottage

Country style is also ideal for a summer residence: everything is rude, rustic, charming.Rough heavy furniture, something antique - for example, a spinning wheel!

Checkered country furniture covers

Country features simple wood trim and beautiful textiles.

Furniture in the interior of the living room in the country

Here the basic rule applies: everything is only the most necessary. Unfortunately, there is still a tradition among our people to bring all the rubbish to the country, which is no longer fit at home, but it is a pity to throw out. This is catastrophically wrong, and this cannot be done. Buy furniture for a summer residence separately!

Sofa for summer cottages

A good option would be homemade furniture, for example, an original sofa from old wooden pallets

For the living room you need a sofa with armchairs, of good quality, you can leather or from dense textile. You can add a pouf, if the place allows. A coffee table for a cup of coffee and a book is a must.

If the large living room in the country serves to gather guests and gatherings with them, you will have to use part of it as a dining room. Here you will need a dining table, chairs or stools, adequate lighting.

Kitchen-dining room in a country house made of logs

Zoning of the living-dining room with flooring

Fireplace - the dream of a summer resident! Even in a small living room you can place it, because fireplaces are very compact. But extra dressers, cabinets and shelves are better not to pile up, they will only take their place.

Wooden chairs near the fireplace in the country

A real fireplace and cottage will warm in cool weather, and will worthily decorate the interior of the living room

Dressing and textiles in the design of the living room

Of course, the living room in the country needs to be decorated, but do not get too carried away so as not to turn the cottage into a museum. Use decor wisely, depending on the style of the interior.

Lamps from tree branches for the decor of the living room in the country

You can decorate the interior of a country house with fairly simple things, for example, original table lamps from branches

For example, you should hang a large picture above the fireplace, and you can place candles or photographs on the fireplace itself. There may be pictures or panels on the walls, but not many. You can use modular paintings, consisting of three or more parts.

A beautiful blanket or decorative pillows should be put on the sofa, and curtains should be light curtains suitable for the interior. If there is a lot of space, take one large piece of decor: for example, a large floor vase. And remember: nothing more!

Horns chandelier over a wooden table

The decor in the living room in the country should not be too much

A cozy room for a comfortable stay in the country

All decorative elements should be suitable for the general atmosphere of the room.

Do you want to be completely inspired and stock up on ideas? Look at the different design options for living rooms in country houses and their design in the photo. You will see how decor and textiles are used, what furniture is best suited, what lighting and wall decoration options are.

Think over every detail in advance and treat the design of the cottage as a fascinating creative process. And you will be able to create a corner of a real earthly paradise in your own country house!

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