Choices for the style and color of curtains for the living room

Windows both inside and out create the mood of the house, and can show hospitality or formality. The window opens the world, and this can be used to express your views on it with the help of curtains, but when choosing them, it is not enough to rely on imagination and inspiration. There are rules that can help you choose the fabric and shape to fit your space perfectly.

Bright curtains in the living room with two windows

Any interior will not look finished without a decent window decoration

Criteria for choosing curtains for the living room

  1. For a spacious living room, lavishly laid and complex curtains are more suitable, however simple and less curved are also suitable, they do not load the space.
  2. A narrow room can be visually expanded with horizontally striped curtains.
  3. A room with a low ceiling can be adjusted using curtains with vertical stripes. In such a room, the cornice should hang under the ceiling.
  4. For a classic interior fit massive, heavy fabric curtains.
  5. In the country style, natural fabrics, calm colors of curtains are perfect. Floral fabrics are also suitable for this style.
  6. Curtains in the living room can be hung both daytime and nightly. And people who like practicality mostly use both options.

Day curtains have a thin, translucent fabric that transmits light well. Night ones are made of dense fabric to properly hide the interior from prying eyes.

Beige curtains in the living room with vinyl wallpaper

There are many variations of both day and night curtains. To choose the right solution, you need to understand the style directions, designs and color combinations.

Style directions for curtains

Combined curtains in the living room of a private house

Each interior style has its own characteristic features, which impose certain requirements for the choice of curtains.


Allows you to mix particles of other styles, for example, Japanese, modern, high-tech, avant-garde and others. Such mixing makes the design unique.

Before buying, it is better to sketch the curtains with the designer so that they match the design of the living room as much as possible.

The modern style is suitable for the living room, where the furniture has a lot of light and air, but it is not bulky. It is characterized by:

  • calm and bright shades;
  • using monotonous or geometric patterns;
  • simplicity in execution;
  • simplicity in perception;
  • straight lines, conciseness;
  • lack of ruffles, bows, frills;
  • hinged or eyelet.
Direct tan curtains in the modern living room

Curtains for the living room in a modern style - in most cases these are direct models without sticking and generally without any decorations

Curtains need to choose from natural, textured, high-tech with metallized yarn or laser cutting and other fabrics of warm and calm colors.


Suitable for almost any interior. This is one of the most popular types of curtains, but at the same time differs in its simplicity. It may seem that the classic is boring. But due to fashion trends, the classic style can be combined with Roman, Austrian or French curtain styles.

Classic curtains with lambrequin in the living room of a private house

It is best to emphasize the elegance of a classic style with blackout curtains made of expensive fabric

Classic curtains are characterized by:

  • the presence of accessories: frills, pickups, cords, tape borders and others;
  • decoration with bows, artificial flowers;
  • the presence of a cornice;
  • consist of curtains, tulle curtains and lambrequins (or a combination of the two listed);
  • the presence of folds (laid manually or using curtain tape).

They are made from almost any fabric: tulle, silk, velvet, velor and others. Depending on the interior of the living room, the curtains can be either of the same color, or using 3-4 colors.

If you choose curtains for a wooden house, then the classic version is most suitable for such a room, but you need to choose light colors and light material.

Curtains for the living room in a wooden house

Lightweight curtains made from natural fabric in a timber house


Lightweight, natural and unobtrusive. It is based on the harmony of simple lines and shapes, large spaces, practical functionalism. This style is characterized by the use of warm, bright colors, for example, light yellow, milky white, beige, pale green and so on.

Light white curtains on the living room window with balcony

The Scandinavian interior loves freedom and spaciousness, therefore, when open, the curtains should completely free the window openings

The curtains for the living room, made in the Scandinavian style, are not decorated with richly decorative elements, they compare favorably with natural simplicity and restraint. Curtains can be both solid color, and with a pattern: flower, polka dots, cage and others. In addition to curtains, curtain rods are required. Suitable simple and concise, and, as a rule, single.

Types of Curtains

A combination of Roman curtains and straight curtains on the living room windows

The combination of different types of curtains allows you to make the interior more interesting and practical.


Keep simplicity and elegance, perfectly fit into design decisions. Sometimes they are called panel. The width of the panels depends on the number of strips on the rail. The panels have a wide color variety, with a printed pattern, translucent and even patterned.

Multi-colored paintings of Japanese curtains on the panoramic window of the living room

Japanese curtains are a great option for a living room in both ethnic and modern style.

Designers got the idea to use Japanese curtains not for their intended purpose, but as a door or partition, for example, in a dressing room.

The cornice is attached to the ceiling or wall in the form of a thin line, and the installation of such a cornice is very simple.

Japanese curtains, or panels, differ from other types in that in addition to fabric, they can be made of various materials: bamboo, rice paper, cane, colorful plastic.

Sliding bamboo curtains on the living room window behind the sofa

Bamboo curtains are an eco-friendly and inexpensive option for decorating a window opening


They consist of two paintings, which are sewn together with the wrong surfaces, thereby forming two front sides. This option is practical and versatile. The peculiarity of these curtains is that the other side peeps at different angles.

Double-sided curtains in the living room of a city apartment

Double-sided curtains, the color of which is selected on the one hand to the upholstery of the furniture, and on the other - to the coffee table and decorative pillows

The back side can be attached either to the wall or to the front side. Each time, you can change the position, which gives a unique design. Double-sided curtains for the living room visually expand its space and fit into any style of the room.

Living room window with double-sided curtains

Double-sided curtains provide good blackout and long service life.

The color of the curtains can be different. The front side can take bright colors, and the back can be light colors. Thus, when folding the back side to the front, a unique design is obtained.


Curtains are a flat canvas, the length of which can be adjusted using a lace. When pulling the lace down, the fabric rises and folds into several horizontal layers of fabric. This fabric protects the room well from sunlight, so when choosing it, you need to pay attention to the thickness. The less sunlight you need in the room, the denser the canvas should be.

Gray roman curtain on the living room window

Roman curtains are a kind of fabric blinds that, when raised, fold into an accordion

Curtains are attached in different ways:

  • on the wall;
  • on the ceiling.
  • in the window opening.

It is possible to install an electric motor. It allows you to connect to the Smart Home system, or to control the curtains using the remote control.

Striped roman curtains and curtains with lambrequins

In modern living rooms, combinations of Roman curtains with other curtains are often found

Roman linen can be combined with tulle or draped curtains. It will look unusual and elegant. Since the curtains are constantly changing their length, they are made of solid colors.


They are transparent curtains. They have numerous semicircular folds that are collected over the entire surface. They give attractiveness and a feeling of lightness. For the living room choose light, silk and transparent tulle.

Bright french curtains in the living room of a country house

Window openings decorated with French curtains look attractive and luxurious

French curtains are distinguished by their versatility: they are suitable for almost any type of room, fit into any interior. They are made in most cases from silk with satin. Fabrics such as veil, polyester, organza can be used. They can be used as a separate element of decor, or you can additionally add lambrequins or curtains to them.

French curtains in the Provencal style living room

Elegant French curtains blend perfectly with a laconic Provence style interior.

French curtains can not be moved to the side. They have a built-in lifting mechanism with which you can raise or lower them to a certain height.

American curtains

Used to increase the idleness and softness of the room. They are distinguished by splendor, luxury and beauty thanks to the combination of French and Roman curtains into one whole. The difference is that the folds are half open or open. Moreover, the folds are localized closer to the bottom, and the top of the curtains becomes more flat.

Recreation area with upholstered furniture in the living room of a private house

American-style country house living room interior

Curtains do not move apart, but are lifted with the help of cords, which are made in the form of magnificent brushes, so they carry an additional decoration. Depending on the interior, it is better to choose warm pastel colors in the living room for this type. If more decorative is needed, then a small pattern or vertical stripes are acceptable.

Shiny fabric looks advantageous for a modern interior: taffeta, silk, polyester, cambric. Lightness and airiness gives the veil, which is used in the manufacture of fabric.

Choosing a curtain color palette

When choosing the color of the curtains, you need to consider all the nuances. It should fit into the main interior of the living room.

Selection of curtains in the living room under the floor covering

The color of the curtains should respond in any other elements of the interior of the living room


Burgundy color is always in fashion, appropriate in any interior, but only if the living room is harmoniously equipped. It gives a feeling of luxury, creates coziness and warmth, nourishes with energy. Burgundy curtains in the interior of the living room photo can be viewed below. When choosing this color, you need to think through the entire decor in the room. It should not turn out that the sofa is light green, and the curtains in the interior of the living room are burgundy.

Living room interior with burgundy curtains

Burgundy curtains successfully resonate with the upholstery of upholstered furniture

A dark shade can only be selected if the apartment is on the sunny side. If the windows look to the north side, where there is little sun, then the room will always be gloomy, because of which the mood will not be as rosy as we would like.

Successful combinations of Bordeaux with the color of the walls:

  • milky white;
  • beige and white;
  • sand.

Many people wonder which curtains fit gray wallpaper in the living room. With this color of the walls you need to be careful: it should not be too dark, but retain its own shade. With burgundy curtains, it blends perfectly.


They look noble, give the room warmth and comfort.With curtains of this color, you can hang a light olive tulle for balance. Gilded or bronze handles on doors, tables, cabinets ennoble the interior.

Mustard curtains in the living room with different sofas

The mustard color changes depending on the direction of the light - in bright light it becomes more yellow, in the dark it gets dark

Mustard curtains can be hung when the walls in the room are gray, and even gray in dark colors. This combination does not overload the visual centers. You can hang a carpet with patterns of mustard color on the wall - it will look great in such an interior.


This color is very rarely chosen for the interior of the living room, referring to the fact that they are gloomy, depressing. However, with a successful arrangement and choice of the color of the light of the walls and furniture, they will look stylish and elegant.

Black curtains in a modern style living room

Thick black curtains harmonize well with plain white walls and perfectly emphasize the chosen style direction

Black curtains can only be combined with white or light colors. The black and white combination, which is currently popular in design solutions, looks gorgeous.

Black and white curtains in the interior of the living room

Black-and-white curtains sewn from light fabric with a geometric or floral pattern look very elegant.

With such curtains, you need to choose a light transparent tulle so that sunlight enters the room. If the windows are not on the sunny side, then you can supplement the interior with lamps, which also fit perfectly into the decor.

Design of curtains on two windows

White tulle curtains in a spacious living room

The decoration of two windows in the living room is largely determined by their relative position

Design with asymmetric windows

A wide selection of asymmetric curtains can be a continuation of the interior composition. They will transform and adjust the living room. Curtains can be selected for almost any type of window. Be they in the form of a triangle, bay window, trapezoid. They add dynamism to the interior. Such windows are popularly decorated with multilayer curtains, which initially take the wrong shape.

Asymmetrical curtains for living room windows

Asymmetric curtains with lambrequins on the windows of the living room in a modern style

Designers have a fashionable way - to place an asymmetric pelmet on the entire width of the wall.

However, it is worth considering some of the nuances when choosing asymmetric curtains. In small rooms they will not be attractive. They are not suitable for the classical style, and for those rooms where there is a lot of decor and other bright accents.

Design with two windows on one side

Curtains for a room with two windows is not difficult to choose. Windows between each other can be at different distances. And if it is more than a meter, then separate curtains should be hung on each window, but they should be symmetrical to each other. Between the windows you can hang a picture, a mirror, a lamp, or put a floor lamp so that the place is not empty.

Living room design with windows on one side

Close windows often decorate with a single composition

If the windows are at a distance of less than one meter from each other, then you can make a single composition: hang the tulle in full length, and on the sides of the curtains. An excellent solution would be if you hang the third curtain, where is the wall. In addition, the entire composition can be combined using a lambrequin.

Thanks to the huge selection of curtains in the living room, it is quite difficult to choose. However, it is worth remembering that they should never be put in the forefront and place a great emphasis on them. Curtains - addition to the main interior. It is necessary to choose not the interior of the living room to the curtains, but vice versa.

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Photo: Examples of window decoration in the living room

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