Options for choosing folding tables in the interior of living rooms

The desire to create a cozy atmosphere in the living room, to make it stylish and modern is simple and to have more free space in the living room leads to the decision to use transforming furniture. Especially if it is used periodically. It is wise to buy a folding table for the living room if you need it only to receive guests, or sometimes work at the computer. The solution is relevant for studio apartments.

Retractable worktop on roller guides

Transforming furniture allows you to save space both in small-sized apartments and in small-town country houses

Features of a folding table in the interior of the living room

A feature of transforming tables is the use of special folding mechanisms. With their help, it is possible to quickly turn a cabinet or small table into a large one, which allows you to place a large company.

Raised countertop folding coffee table

Trasformer tables when folded take up a minimum of space, and at the right time easily change sizes, purpose and even design

When buying, it is necessary to evaluate not only the functionality of the model and the dimensions in assembled form, but also what kind of space will be required if the interior is laid out.

Types of folding tables for the living room

Manufacturers offer dining tables for the living room of various shapes, sizes, colors, a variety of materials and designs of folding mechanisms. To make the right choice, you need to analyze all the features.

According to the purpose, they distinguish:

  • Dining. Use to accommodate guests during meals. Folding tables for the dining area in the living room are relevant in small-sized apartments, modern new buildings, country houses. With a shortage of space, such models make it possible to use it more rationally. The large living room provides an opportunity to make the dining area mobile, to separate it from the reception area.

    Convertible table with extendable worktop

    The table top of the dining table increases exactly 2 times with the help of additional side surfaces

  • Workers The most popular tables are books. Assembled compact and concise, represent a curbstone with drawers for working papers and stationery trifles. If necessary, quickly transformed into a place for classes or work. Depending on the size they can be used as dining rooms.

    Convertible table with folding table top in the living room

    A compact work table with a lifting worktop, when folded, it is a shelf with open shelves

  • Magazines. Indispensable in small areas. When folded, they are used to store magazines. It looks beautiful on a vase of flowers. After several manipulations, they turn into a place for tea drinking and meeting friends.

    Fold-out coffee table

    The coffee table is converted into a dining table due to the lifting mechanism, while the countertop is increased by 2 times

Another sign of classification is the design of the folding mechanism. Most commonly used:

  • a cross-shaped folding device allows you to fold the two halves of the countertop and remove until the next use, the main advantage is the compactness and speed of transformation;

    Hybrid coffee table made of wood

    Transformer table with cross legs

  • an insertion segment, which is installed between the extended halves of the table surface, if necessary, it drops, the halves move;

    Dark wood extendable table

    Classic style extendable table

  • a book, parts of the countertop hang, if necessary, rise on hinges;

    Table-book in the living room from laminated particleboard

    The table-book can increase 2 or 3 times

  • Hybrids - a combination of several mechanisms for individual designs of transforming tables.

    Transformation of a coffee table into a dining place

    Hybrid coffee table, if necessary, is transformed into a dining table, which can accommodate 6-8 people

Designs folding tables in the interior of the living room

The design of the table in the living room should correspond to the style in which it is made. On sale it is easy to find furniture of any style.

Transforming table in a loft style

Folding table in the loft style - a massive wooden tabletop on a metal frame from corners or water pipes

White scandinavian folding table

A light countertop with thin wooden legs is the perfect solution for a Scandinavian-style living room

The dining table for the living room in the classic style is solid and elegant, made of solid wood or veneer, monochrome with the interior.

Wooden extendable table in the classic style room

Classic extension table with central leg

Modern style involves the combination of different artificial materials. For example, a metal frame and a glass cover. It is possible to use plastic.

Provence is a style that originated in France. It is characterized by pastel colors, soft airy lines and shapes, antique imitation, rustic motifs. A light wooden tabletop with patterned metal legs will create comfort and a French atmosphere.

Folding table in the interior of the Provence style living room

Provence style extendable table with wooden worktop on frame with forged elements

Provence folding dining table for the living room

Rustic table with drawers in the central part

Country style is originality and simplicity, natural materials. For example, a support made of artificial stone and a tabletop made of wood. Such a folding table for the dining room is purchased for country houses or cottages.

Massive folding table in country style living room

Country style furniture may have an artificially aged surface

Massive wooden extendable table

Solid folding table made of solid wood - suitable for a rustic living room

Eco-style involves the use of natural materials, the absence of decor and decoration, the simplicity of lines and shapes. A plain wooden rustic table is the best example.

Furniture made from natural materials in an eco-style living room

Eco-friendly wooden table with extendable worktop

Forms of folding tables in the living room

When choosing, you should focus on the number of people who need to be placed, harmony with the size and shape of the room, compliance with the style of the interior.

The round table looks cozy, but is only suitable for spacious rooms, for a family of 4 people you will need a worktop with a diameter of 1-1.5 meters.

Round table on the central leg of wood

A beautiful round wooden table is a symbol of home comfort

The rectangular shape is the most common, because it allows you to place the largest number of diners compared to round or square, suitable for almost any interior, similar to the rectangular shape of the room.

Black rectangular table

A table with a rectangular worktop is universal in terms of placement in the living room space

Oval, like round, put in the premises of a large area. A big advantage is the lack of sharp corners. When placing guests, 70-80 cm are allocated for each person.

Folding oval table in a classic living room

Extendable oval tables transform from round patterns

Materials for the manufacture of folding tables for the living room

For the production of tables use wood, glass, plastic, light metals, composite materials.

Wood is a traditional material that opens up great opportunities for designers. Products from it are durable and environmentally friendly, but are afraid of mechanical damage and contact with hot dishes.

Wooden folding table in country style

A table made of natural wood looks rich and stylish

Dining tables with a glass top are practical, functional, comfortable to use, look stylish, but are expensive and require the use of special care products.

Kitchen folding table with glass top

The tabletops of folding tables are made of transparent, frosted or tinted glass.

Metal - durable and wear-resistant, easy to maintain, but do not always look aesthetically pleasing, therefore most often only legs or frame are made of metal.

Folding table with metal legs

Tables on a metal frame are quite light, since hollow pipes are used in their design

Modern polymers can simulate any stone, a cut of wood of different types of wood and other materials. The main advantages of their use: a variety of colors, shades, configurations, low weight, luxurious look, affordable price. Artificial stone dining tables are durable, durable, look beautiful, and are easy to maintain.

Acrylic dining table for the living room

Artificial acrylic countertop can imitate natural stone

Wicker rattan furniture is original, aesthetically attractive, environmentally friendly, lightweight, and durable. Rattan dining tables complement the elements of metal and glass.

Artificial rattan garden furniture

Rattan furniture can be used both indoors and outdoors

Location options in the living room interior

Finding the best place for a dining table in the living room is an important stage in creating a comfortable atmosphere. It is necessary to consider some recommendations:

  1. Do not place the dining table near the entrance.
  2. It is not customary to place it in a corner.
  3. The dining area is distinguished from the rest of the space.
  4. Special decorative lighting will create a warm, inviting atmosphere. An unusual lamp with adjustable light brightness will do.

Folding dining tables are practical and functional. The variety of designs and materials allows you to choose the model that best suits the interior of the living room and individual needs, and the tastes of the owners.

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Photos of the interior design of the living room with a folding table

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