Methods for decorating a gas pipe in the kitchen

Most communications that carry water, electricity, gas to apartments play a purely functional role, but not an aesthetic one. Therefore, the question of how to decorate a gas pipe in the kitchen is relevant for many residents who seek to make the surrounding space as beautiful as possible.

gas pipe in the kitchen how to hide

The gas pipeline can be hidden only with removable structures, for example, refractory plasterboard box.

Options for decorating a gas pipe in the kitchen

In the photo of the kitchen decor, designers hide everything superfluous. But textured pipelines, deliberately emphasized by the master, nevertheless have a place to be in the interiors of the style of loft, brutal, industrial, techno.

hide the gas pipe

Choosing industrial styles is a great way to beat the look of communications.

It is very popular to place a cabinet in the place where there is a gas pipe.

how to hide a gas pipe

When ordering a modern kitchen from a designer, you can pre-plan cabinets with cutouts for the gas main and equipment and doors for free access.

Ways to decorate a gas pipe

There are a great many original ideas on how to hide pipes located in the kitchen along the wall. This is a plasterboard or PVC box, textiles or dyeing, bamboo panels or roof rails, hand-painted or a simple hanging cabinet.

hide the gas column

Decorative bamboo has an identical shape to the pipes, which makes it easy to mount, just pick the bamboo of the desired diameter.



The easiest way is to paint the part to match the wall, making it inconspicuous. The most popular option is a white wall with a white gas pipeline.

hide the gas pipe

The most budgetary and easiest option is painting.

No less often, pipes contrast with the background, but coincide with individual decor elements of cabinets, curtains, floor tiles.

hide the gas pipe

A universal way of painting is to coat the pipes with paint to match the walls.

Silver or steel color details are perfectly combined with chrome-plated high-tech appliances - a refrigerator, an electric kettle, a microwave, etc.

how to hide a gas pipe

Contrasting, well-chosen color combinations in the interior will turn the flaw into a feature.

Tip: before starting work, it is advisable to completely shut off the gas.

Drywall construction

In the duct box, the associated elements are easily hidden completely. To create a structure, aluminum or wooden profiles, a sheet of waterproof drywall, a screwdriver, self-tapping screws, as well as a hatch through which access to the meter are needed, are needed.

gas pipe in the box

At least part of the duct should be easy to remove to allow easy access to the pipes

The wall is marked, all details are carefully measured out, the structure is assembled, mounted at the right place, painted, decorated in other ways.

hide the gas pipe in the box

In the box, it is necessary to ensure reliable ventilation in the form of a perforated grille or holes.

At-hand tools as a disguise method

From “improvised materials” practically anything will do:

  • plastic bottles;
  • shells, pebbles;
  • linen cords;
  • satin ribbons;
  • natural materials;
  • pieces of polycarbonate.
hide the gas pipe

Pipes can be decorated with original elements that can add zest to the entire room.

Tip. With the help of specially cut green, brown plastic bottles, the pipe easily turns into a palm branch. If you cut off the necks from them, turning them into knots, by gluing to the pipeline structure, coloring, a whole tree will come out.

Hide the gas pipeline behind the equipment

In this case, everything is simple - a refrigerator, a washing machine, and a microwave are placed in front of the pipe. Depending on the size of the room, as well as the pipes themselves, they are hidden behind a TV placed on a pedestal, console, or even behind a bread machine, slow cooker.

gas pipe in the kitchen

Another option is to place shelves for kitchen appliances under the pipe.

Using Kitchen Cabinets

A hinged kitchen cabinet will be purchased or home-made. It is not very convenient to store anything in it, but in order to place the pipeline there, in the bottom, shelves, you will have to make cuts of the corresponding form.

hide the gas pipe

The back wall is also usually removed. The same applies to floor-mounted structures.

gas pipe in the kitchen how to hide

It is possible to fully use the furniture, using it for kitchen utensils.

Tip: a wall-mounted or floor cabinet is made appropriate to the room’s atmosphere, usually being an integral part of the headset.

Decoration with bamboo panels

For work, you will need a natural or artificial bamboo trunk, the diameter of which is 8-12 mm larger than the pipe, and the height is equal to the length of the pipe. Such a "stalk" is cut in half, laid around a workpiece, secured with plastic ties for wires or threads selected to match.

hide the gas pipe behind the bamboo

Decorating with bamboo.

PVC panel box

The main plus of the construction of polyvinyl chloride - it is assembled without the use of glue and is also easily disassembled if necessary. It is often dispensed with even a revision window, making one sidewall or front part removable.

gas pipe in the kitchen

Before choosing this method, it is important to think about ensuring ventilation and easy access to the pipes.

Textile decor

When the pipeline is near the window, it is hidden behind volumetric, opaque curtains located from wall to wall. Less often, the design is made out with textile ribbons, bows, small toys sewn by hand are attached to it.

types of gas pipe decor

This is a great way to mask a gas pipeline without putting extra effort. At the same time, the requirement of free access is respected.

Painting with patterns

Art painting is very simple - in the form of lines, folk ornaments, stripes, plant elements. Real craftsmen draw the texture of wood or stone, mosaics or bamboo on any details of the gas pipeline system, decorate it with wallpapers, etc. A striking example is the image of a jungle with a striped python-pipe against their background.

hide the gas pipe

If desired, the main "picture" is painted directly on the wall, and a convex pipe becomes its important and voluminous element.

Disguise under the railing

To mask the pipeline with roof rails, which will accommodate all kinds of kitchen utensils - a great idea if it runs horizontally.

gas pipe in the kitchen railing

After filling with kitchen utensils, the design will look whole and organic.

You can’t hang anything on the gas pipeline itself, but passing it off the crossbar is permissible. Typically, rails are placed directly above the pipe, and utensils hanging on them partially or completely hide the object, making it inconspicuous.

hide the gas pipe

It seems that all the elements hang on a stainless steel rail.

Tip: it is recommended that the pipes be tinted in the color of rails or in tone with the walls.

Extraordinary disguise methods

You can beat kitchen communications in different ways, but you should always remember that any scenery should not interfere with work in the room. No decor can reach the gas stove itself - this threatens with accidental ignition, which is unacceptable.

hide the gas pipe

If the placement of the headset allows, then you can save the perfect interior.

Five original ideas for decorating a gas pipe

There are various highly artistic design options for kitchen pipes.

  • decoration with artificial flowers - it’s almost impossible to place real plants above the stove, but made of wire, plastic, fabric, are quite suitable. It is advisable to use fireproof materials;
  • decoupage - made of multi-layer decoupage napkins, using PVA glue, acrylic varnish, color paints. Previously, the pipes will have to be carefully sanded;
  • perforated false cabinet - is a box with a mesh door, which, if necessary, can be easily opened;
  • hinged metal screen - optimally suited for heating radiators, as well as in the case of piping in the kitchen;
  • mosaic - it is made of pieces of glass, decorative plastic balls, beads, rhinestones, small ceramic tiles, other similar elements (in this way it is easiest to arrange thick pipes).
how to decorate a gas pipe in the kitchen

If you have inspiration and you draw well, then you have room for painting pipelines in the kitchen.

Safety requirements for decorating a gas pipeline

Before you close the gas meter in the kitchen with anything, you need to understand that access to it should be easy to take readings, a possible replacement, repair work. It is unacceptable to close pipes, and even more so to wrap pipes, cylinders, and hoses into the wall - if a leak occurs, it will take more time to repair the damage and special tools to destroy everything superfluous.

we hide the gas meter and the pipe in the locker

An additional advantage is the ability to hide a gas meter in the kitchen in one of the cabinets.

Advice: it is forbidden to fix lockers, any heavy decor on gas-guiding communications.

How to hide a gas cylinder

Most gas cylinders are placed at a distance of several meters from the stove itself, in private homes they are generally taken out to an adjacent utility room. In the kitchen, the easiest way to hide it is in a tall floor cabinet with a door through which it is easy to replace the item, control the integrity of the connections, turn on, turn off the gas.

hide the gas bottle

For other methods of masking gas communications, a wizard should be invited.

How to hide a gas hose

The question of how to hide a gas hose in the kitchen is also often asked. Such a flexible pipe connects to the main, metal and the plate itself, partially hiding behind it. Most often, the hose is almost imperceptibly behind the hinged lid of the plate, in all other cases it is hidden as well as other pipes.

hide the gas hose

There are many ways to mask a gas hose or pipe in the kitchen, but not everyone can use it in a specific situation.


Decorating a gas pipeline is a relevant but easily solved problem. If you wish, hide ugly communications, which are almost impossible to transfer, will turn out in the closet, behind a screen, curtain, other home-made, purchased items.

hide the gas pipe

When deciding how to hide gas pipes in the kitchen, you cannot put the interior and design in the first place to the detriment of security issues.

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