Interior design of a bathroom in a marine style - subtleties and nuances of design

Marine style is great for decorating the bathroom. Delicate blue and beige colors fit perfectly into the design of the shower. In such a room you can take a relaxing bath after a hard day.

Bathroom in a marine style.

The marine-style bathroom has been gaining momentum recently.

The main features of the marine style

A marine-style bathtub should set you in a relaxing mood. This design resembles a serene vacation on the ocean. The main principle of the interior is maximum simplicity in facing. The room should look fresh and attractive. The design uses marine-themed accessories - dolphins, fish, lifebuoys.

The interior is in a marine style.

A bathroom decorated in a marine style allows you to feel on the beach for a few minutes.

Marine traditions in the interior: features and methods of embodiment

The perception of this style is different for everyone. Someone represents a serene ocean with a bluish-blue water surface. Others see a sun-drenched beach, warm sun loungers and distant cries of seagulls.

When creating the interior, try to avoid overloading the style. Focus on one thing: stylized plumbing, bright tiles or many themed accessories. The remaining elements should be solid.

Colors for the bathroom in a marine style.

The main colors for the marine style are blue and white.

Choice of color for a bathroom with a marine design

To create a bathroom for relaxation, pay attention to the shades of the ocean. In such design decisions, muffled blue, blue and white are most often found.

Marine atmosphere in the bathroom.

The main task of the marine style is to create a marine atmosphere.

Each sea has its own shore. Therefore, you can add light beige and brown shades to the design.

Possible combinations of colors and shades

If the muted shades are not to your liking, you can focus on the shower with bright colors. Red, burgundy and orange will fit perfectly in the blue-white or sandy range.

The combination of colors in a marine style.

Blue, beige and white are easily combined with blue shades.

You can add turquoise or yellow to the selected palette. Try not to overdo it with color accents - no more than 2-3 bright elements in one room.

Finishing and decor: how to make marine motifs sound

Tile or wall painting

For baths, they usually use ordinary tiles. Its price per sq m is not too high, while the materials calmly withstand high humidity in the room. It is better to choose a plain or with a small snow-white pattern.

Wall tiles in the bathroom.

Walls can be decorated with ceramic tiles and painted.

The second option is to paint the walls in blue, white or blue. Top you can decorate the room with decorative plaster.

Vinyl wallpaper for decoration of marine decor

The second budget version of the design - sticking easy-to-wash vinyl wallpaper. They can be glued even in a small Khrushchev, where there is no place for additional accessories.

Marine style on the walls.

Vinyl wallpapers allow you to quickly and effectively give the walls a marine look.

Drawings in the form of small goldfish, vertical sailor stripes or shells are suitable.

How to choose decorative elements

Photos and paintings as an element of bathroom decor

If you have enough free space, you can decorate the room with themed paintings. The trend of recent times - images under convex glass, imitating a porthole.

Marine accessories.

In addition to walls, floors and ceilings, marine style can be added with accessories.

If you have enough free funds, you can order a painting directly on the wall. A simplified reproduction of one of Aivazovsky’s famous paintings, for example, is suitable.

What to use accessories in the design

For a bathroom in a delicate marine style

  • various shelves;
  • decorative bottles;
  • stands for brushes.
Complement of the marine style.

Style can be supplemented with shelves, towels, mirrors, etc.

In the market, there are often glasses with decorative shells or corals inside.

Marine accessories.

Accessories for the bathroom in a marine style.

Such a stand can be made independently. Just attach a small piece of coral to the inside of the bottle with regular tape.

Mirror Finish

The simplest and budget option is to independently design a mirror in the form of a volumetric porthole. Make a body of cardboard or polymer clay, covering it with gray paint.

Mirror in a marine style.

The marine-style mirror can be easily designed independently using shells of different sizes.

You can also decorate the element with small shells and artificial algae. Throughout the room you can place 3-4 small oval mirrors.

Curtains in a marine range

In order not to disturb the created atmosphere, the curtain should be made of a rough and dense fabric. It is better to pay attention to plain or striped options.

Curtains in a marine style.

Properly selected curtains can be a great addition to the style.

Linen or cotton will do. You can also purchase a synthetic curtain with an interesting pattern, for example, a ship moored in a quiet harbor.

Design panels in the bathroom

To diversify the style of the room, you can lay out on one of the walls a mosaic of ordinary fine tiles. You can make a picture that imitates the waves or sea storm.

Panel in a marine style.

Panel for the bath in a marine style.

If the rest of the room is made in soothing colors, lay out on the floor a drawing of a goldfish with a mandatory crown on its head.

Marine-style bath lighting

There should be a lot of light in the bathroom.

The main principles of design:

  • freshness;
  • beauty;
  • brightness of the interior.
Cooler lighting in the bathroom.

For a bathroom in a marine style, colder lighting is suitable.

If you are trying to imitate the depths of the ocean, it is better to give preference to a cold light bulb.

Under the bright coast come yellow lamps with soft light. The lamp can be made in the form of a lantern that holds someone's hand.

Furniture and items for a bathroom in a marine style

To design a room, you can not use too expensive furniture. It should be made of wood or imitate it. Hue - as if a little peeling and blurry paint.

Bathroom furniture.

Furniture for the bathroom decorated in a marine style can be selected in white or blue colors.

In the room it is better to put a wardrobe, a cupboard in front of a mirror, several shelves and a small chair.


The bathtub or shower room in the antique style will fit in well. Antique elements will do. A great option is a bathroom with decorative snow-white or golden legs.

The bath is decorated with sand.

A bathtub decorated with sands fits perfectly into the style.

Mixers and pipes - chrome or copper.

How to make a ceiling

Stretch ceiling

You can create a real work of art on the ceiling by adding a few decorative elements.The picture must be painted on a snow-white or pale turquoise background.

Stretch ceiling for the bathroom.

Stretch ceiling in marine style.

Add a few shells or sea stones to the composition.

Plastic panels

Easy to clean and durable plastic. Panels can be used to design walls and ceilings. They should be plain, not too bright. Drawings are best avoided.

Plastic panels.

Plastic panels for decorating the ceiling in the bathroom.

Suitable color is snow-white.

Drywall followed by painting

Drywall ceiling allows you to create a multi-level installation with mounted lamps. Top it must be painted white, blue or light blue.

Drywall bathroom ceiling.

Drywall in the bathroom.

You can apply several unobtrusive white patterns on your own.

Marine style flooring

Bulk floor: the seabed in your bathroom

This material has an amazing 3D visualization effect. The applied drawing instantly comes to life - and under your feet contented dolphins are already splashing. You can simulate a seabed covered with corals.

Bulk floor.

3D bulk floor in a marine style.

Another option is to order a cover with sea waves.

Marine-style floor cladding

Tiles belong to more budget materials. Plain colors as well as interesting patterns fit perfectly into the design. A good idea is to buy a mosaic with a picture of sea stones.

Facing the floor in the bathroom.

Cladding in the form of sand.

You can make the floor "under the tree", like the deck of a long-abandoned ship.

Marine style in the bathroom

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