Choose an orthopedic pillow for sitting on a chair

Any person is trying to ensure maximum comfort for themselves during working hours. It is important to ensure convenience in the workplace so as not to feel discomfort. For this purpose, an orthopedic pillow was developed for sitting on a chair.

Orthopedic pillow on a wooden chair

Seat cushions can not only carry a decorative function, but also be beneficial to health

Many workers claim the usefulness of the product. Therefore, modern manufacturers have heard user recommendations and provided a wide selection of products. When buying, one should take into account many nuances, study the main types and useful properties of products.

Product purpose

It is necessary for people who are constantly sitting. In this position, the spine involuntarily takes an unnatural form. Because of this, many diseases may appear in the future.

Posture correction with orthopedic pillow

Orthopedic pillow corrects seated posture

An orthopedic seat cushion is an important attribute in any home. He will not be superfluous at work. It is important for those who constantly work at the computer and are not able to walk. Such a tool is required for drivers who drive a vehicle all day.

The device can be used as recommended by medical personnel. This is important for those who have just undergone surgery and are undergoing rehabilitation. Relief pillow will bring for women in labor. Seams can interfere with normal sitting, and it will provide an opportunity to relax without consequences for the body.

Orthopedic pillow for pregnant women in a pink cover

Orthopedic seat for pregnant women is designed specifically to reduce the load on the female body in the prenatal and postpartum periods

The seat cushion is a small bed under the buttocks. The product is manufactured with optimal stiffness indicators to achieve an optimal position.

Orthopedic pillow work scheme

The principle of operation of the pillow is based on the uniform distribution of body weight

Important! You can get rid of the inconvenience. It also excludes the possibility of swelling of the legs, as well as pinching of the nerves.

The product is not intended for treatment. It is used exclusively for preventive purposes. You will not be able to get rid of the disease, but only muffle the negative symptoms.

Comfortable fit for a girl on a chair with an orthopedic pillow

Modern man spends too much time in a sitting position

The product will help create optimal conditions for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. It allows you to correctly distribute the load at vital points. Tension in muscles, genitals, back decreases.

Note! With an orthopedic pillow, concentration and perseverance increase. Your productivity will improve significantly.

Sitting position is an unnatural state for an organism. Because of this, many pathological conditions that are dangerous to human health develop. This is the best chair addition that many experts recommend.

Orthopedic pillows under the back

There are special orthopedic seat cushions that are installed on the back of the chair. They help reduce possible fatigue, remove back pain, and increase tone.

Blue pillow for back with orthopedic effect

Products under the back are designed to normalize the functioning of the spine

Fixing an orthopedic pillow on the back of a chair

Such a pillow is simply secured to the back of the chair with the included belt

Use it to:

  • reduce the space between the seat and back;
  • prevention of back diseases;
  • posture correction;
  • support a permanent position.

To ensure air circulation, nets are used in the seat cushions. The thickness of the lining is adjusted using a switch. Choose the best option and enjoy the convenience.

Orthopedic pillow mesh for office

The support pillow mesh accepts contours of a body and provides ventilation

Types of orthopedic pillows for chairs

Seat cushions externally represent a small product that is placed under the buttocks. Manufacturers present various models that differ in rigidity and purpose.

Orthopedic pillow for office chair

Pillow of four sections repeating the shape of the buttocks

There are several types of products:

  • fixed-shaped pillows that force the owner to take the only correct position, which is not always convenient;
  • products capable of adapting to the individual characteristics of each person.

Appearance also differ. Allocate such pillows for sitting on a chair:

  • in the form of a roller;
  • triangular with protruding edges on the sides;
  • in rectangular shape;
  • round, in the center of which there is a hole;
  • boomerang shaped.

The product may be more flexible or fixed. The surface is convex, retracted, embossed.

Various decorative options for orthopedic pillows

There are many options for pillow upholstery, you can choose the one that you like

As a filler, different materials are used:

  • natural latex - is of high quality, most suitable for use, characterized by different diameters and holes on the surface;
  • artificial latex - has a long service life, practically does not deform, the product turns out to be quite rigid, there are no openings for air circulation;
  • special foam - an anatomical material capable of remembering the habitual position of the wearer when he is not using the product.
High Density Natural Latex for Orthopedic Pillow

The elasticity of the pillow and the period of its use depend on the density of the filler

Other materials may be used as packing. They are not orthopedic, since they practically do not hold their shape. Over time, they wear out and do not contribute to the formation of proper posture.

Inflatable chair cushions

They are often used in practice. They are common for office workers or those who drive. Orthopedic seat cushions are suitable for those who travel a lot. It is also an indispensable attribute for a trip to visit guests or to nature. Its main advantages:

  • a wide range of goods of various shapes and sizes - products for the spine, neck, office seats and others are sold;
  • ease of transportation - compactness allows you to take the accessory on any trip, since it does not take up much free space;
  • there are options for sleeping with special holes - you will ensure a comfortable rest even when traveling in a car, allowing you to relax and relieve tension in the neck;
  • there are products that can transform the position - they can be used for the back or buttocks.
The appearance and dimensions of an inflatable orthopedic pillow

The inflatable pillow is made of rubber material, is very compact when folded, inflated using a special pump

Orthopedic pillows on an office chair, selection tips

If you are going to buy orthopedic seat cushions, you should consider several nuances. There are different models that are designed specifically for different needs. It is important to choose an option that will last a long time, will not cause irritation and other unpleasant side effects.

Office orthopedic pillows for back and buttocks

For greater effect, you can use two pillows - for the lower body and for the back

Important! If you choose a pillow incorrectly, you risk developing spinal diseases.

Before purchasing, you should carefully study popular manufacturers, compare prices, consider characteristics and recommendations for use. It is better to make a purchase from an authorized representative. So you get a guarantee and a certificate of quality. Any little things that do not match the description correspond to a fake.

Navy blue seat cushion

The main criterion for choosing an orthopedic pillow is its functional purpose.

The following nuances should be taken into account:

  • choose latex - it will teach you to keep your posture correctly, without adapting to the habits of the owners;
  • if there are problems with the back, it is better to choose products with the adaptation function;
  • buy the product by size for proper voltage distribution;
  • get volumetric devices;
  • use universal seat cushions;
  • try on the product in advance;
  • Compare the cost in advance so as not to pay more than required.

The role of chair cushions

Orthopedic pillows are for medical use. They can reduce the pressure on the buttocks and the negative effect on the spine. Product Nuances:

  • providing ease in the body;
  • load minimization;
  • improved blood flow in the lower body;
  • position correction while sitting.
Orthopedic pillow on a wooden chair

An orthopedic pillow is used for preventive purposes, it is not able to cure the disease

The product is a latex circle. Other forms are possible. The peculiarity of such a product is the correct distribution of the load on the body.

Who needs a seat cushion?

Orthopedic pillows may be required by a wide range of consumers. Before purchasing, it is recommended to consult with your doctor. It will help you choose the best option for individual use.

Orthopedic pillow cutout for office chair

Pillow with orthopedic effect will make any office chair more comfortable

Additional Information. The most demanded products among students, schoolchildren, secretaries, office workers, programmers. If at work it is forbidden to use the device, you should ensure yourself comfortable conditions at home.

How to choose a suitable seat cushion: common models

Manufacturers have adapted to the different needs of consumers. On the market you can find a variety of models of orthopedic pillows. Each of them has different properties and effectiveness.

Orthopedic pillows - softness, comfort and reliability in use. Various types of products are distinguished depending on the shape. Consider the most common.

Ring-shaped pillow

It is intended for those who have signs of hemorrhoids. It is used for prevention. Also suitable for women after pregnancy. Made of rubber, does not cause irritation and discomfort.

Orthopedic Pillow Ring

Round pillows are the most common; when used, body weight is evenly distributed around the perimeter.

Varieties of round pillows with orthopedic effect

Some manufacturers make pillows with special pits located in different places. Such patterns vary for men or for women.

Rectangular Pillows

Universal shape designed for seating. Provides maximum comfort, allows you to adjust your posture.

Navy orthopedic pillow on an office chair

A large number of rectangular models are produced, designed for different loads.

Square pillow

Such orthopedic pillows have several advantages:

  • selection of any size;
  • repetition of body shape;
  • increase in concentration;
  • fatigue relief;
  • therapeutic effect.
Orthopedic pillow square shape on an office chair

Square cushion suitable for any type of chair

Rectangular orthopedic pillow on a car seat

Square and rectangular models are traditionally used by drivers

Pillow care

To make the product last longer, listen to the tips:

  • clean the surface by dry cleaning;
  • wash the cover regularly;
  • make sure the surface of the chair is smooth;
  • Do not use harsh detergents to clean.
Round orthopedic pillow with cover

Orthopedic pillows have a special cover that is easy to remove and wash if necessary

Can I make a pillow with my own hands?

You can make the product yourself. It will be different from those provided in stores. Use a thick cloth and silicone filler.

Silicone filler for orthopedic pillow

The quality of a homemade pillow will depend on the selected filler

The pattern is simple - in the form of two circles. Leave seam allowances. Sew them around the filler. The orthopedic pillow is ready.

Two homemade chair cushions

So the simplest home-made pillows look, their minus is a non-removable cover

Orthopedic pillow with do-it-yourself cover

And this is an option with a removable cover on an elastic band

An orthopedic pillow is an important accessory that an office employee or student cannot do without. Your productivity will increase, fatigue will decrease, your posture will improve.

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