The use of art deco style in the interiors of apartments

Art Deco is one of the most spectacular and luxurious modern trends in interior design. Its lightness and grace, combined with a deliberate demonstration of wealth, make designers use this style when arranging the best hotels, trending expositions, exhibition halls, suburban mansions. It feels notes of real French charm and the sophistication that sets it apart from other fashion trends.

Brown in art deco style living room interior

Art Deco is deservedly considered the style of prestigious interiors

Features of the interior in the style of art deco

Art Deco today tops the ratings of the most fashionable interior solutions, striking the townsfolk with its respectability and nobility. This is not the style of the nouveau riche - pompous and artsy, this is the style of a real aristocracy, to which everyone wants to classify himself in his soul.

Shiny flooring surface in the apartment corridor

Bright and bold style, combining various shades that are usually not compatible in other interiors

The main feature of art deco is a harmonious combination of beauty, luxury and exclusivity. The slightest “kink” in one direction or another leads to a deterioration in the perception of the overall picture.

Mirrored walls in an art deco style hallway

Furniture for the interior is selected mainly from natural wood, upholstered in expensive fabric

Designers attribute the following features to the features of this direction:

  • dominant luxury, manifested in the main and decorative design, in furniture and accessories;
  • a combination of elements of Art Nouveau, neoclassicism, oriental, ancient Greek and ancient Egyptian motifs, complemented by details from the jazz era;
  • the use of strict geometric graphics, stripes, rounded and curved lines;
  • the use of stepped elements - podiums, tiers;
  • the dominance of light and space;
  • game on contrasts;
  • the use of technological trends.
Silver wooden backs of kitchen chairs

Typically, art deco is chosen by people who want a bright, rich and exclusive design

Advantages and disadvantages of art deco design

The art deco style in the interior of the apartment has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Its advantages include:

  • the ability to create an original and stylish space;
  • the ability to visually expand the interior due to the abundance of lighting devices and mirrors that reflect light, so this style can be recreated even in small rooms;
  • versatility - it allows you to beat various decisions, play at one of the many design techniques;
  • it’s enough to use a couple of bright exclusive accents to turn an ordinary stylish interior into art deco.
Black curtains made of thick material in the bedroom

When creating an art deco design, they use various textures, shapes and colors, allowing themselves to carry out rather bold experiments with the interior

Cons of the style is:

  • financial constraints - such decoration can be implemented only if there is an expensive estimate;
  • Art Deco is not suitable for creating a cozy atmosphere, so it is not used in children’s rooms and in rooms that a priori should be cozy;
  • you can not use inexpensive, even very interesting and stylish pieces of furniture and accessories that immediately “fall out” of the overall design concept, quality is the main leitmotif of this idea.

Modern renovation in the art deco style transforms any interiors, giving them a special character, however, provided that it will be formed by the original and expensive design and accessories.

Design office cabinet in the style of art deco

To understand the art deco design, it’s not enough just to see the photographs, you need to understand the main tenets of this style of interior

Art Deco style in various rooms

An apartment in the art deco style should create an impression of integrity, so the interiors of individual rooms should be designed in a single thematic and stylistic manner. Let us consider how, in this regard, it is possible to equip a two-room apartment with various functional purposes.

Art Deco Hallway Paintings

Hallway - the first room that sets the tone for the impression of the whole apartment and its owners


A classic bathroom in this style is a monumental spectacular space for sybarites, with bold decorative combinations, expensive fittings and a slightly unfinished composition of exclusive components.

Black marble tile on bathroom wall

Marble, glass and steel surfaces are welcomed in the cladding.

Here, expensive materials should be used - ceramics and bronze, glass with fatset and forging, and the podium for the bathroom will become a design feature, due to which all attention is focused on it.

In a small room, you can use a combination of styles, for example, add the simplicity of minimalism to the luxury of art deco or use an extremely simple color scheme, but rely on glossy shine and the non-standard shape of objects. In no case should you create a magnificent interior - a modern interpretation interprets art deco as sophisticated luxury.

Do not forget about mirrors that will play not only a functional, but also a decorative role, expanding a modest space and emphasizing the basic stylistic idea.

Gold-plated mirror frame in the bathroom

The mirror should be large enough and elegantly decorated in a rich frame

Living room

In the living room, you should install expensive furniture made of valuable wood species, complemented by glass, massive expensive furniture. Particularly creative interiors are a hodgepodge with elements from different eras, styles, themes. You can take the aviation idea as a basis at the stage of its appearance, or use ancient Greek geometric prints.

Design a large living room in the style of art deco

When decorating a living room in an Art Deco style, the emphasis is on high-quality natural materials

Each description of the living room notes that it is better to use a dark color scheme, "diluted" with golden, milk cream, silver blotches, but at the same time, you can not mix them, making the picture too colorful.

The principle of contrast is best suited for decorating a living room, in which weightless glass is adjacent to massive furniture, and elegant glasses with massive sculptures in the form of female figures, frozen in a praying or dancing pose. The rich rich satin and velvet textiles complete the picture.

Glass doors in an art deco style living room

Interior doors are made of natural wood, decorated with glass inserts, metal handles and fancy patterns


The kitchen should be original, with exclusive designer items that will become bright accessories of the room. It is better that they be objects of kitchen utensils or art. The main working material is polished wood, leather, ceramic or stone tiles, metal, silk and satin.

Beautiful panel on the wall of the kitchen in the style of Art Deco

In the kitchen in the Art Deco style, the classic is combined with modern, combinations with oriental, Mediterranean or African interiors are also possible.

The color scheme should not be bright - black and white combinations, as the main feature of the style, are quite appropriate in the kitchen, although they can be varied, for example, replacing black with graphite or chocolate.

A geometric print can be used to decorate walls, and a stepped shape can be used to decorate the ceiling and work area. Do not forget about the strip, because in the kitchen they will be more than appropriate, for example, as a picture of curtains or an element of upholstery.


A good idea for a bedroom in the style of “decorative art”, and this is how this direction is translated from French, is the use of soft forms, for example, a bed with an original oval or rectangular headboard. It should be effectively draped with expensive upholstery or underline with it the entire sleeping area.

Bright bedroom in art deco style

Art Deco style bedroom - a feeling of well-being, luxury and prosperity

Light furniture is combined with dark wallpaper, and dark, on the contrary, with light wallpaper is also one of the recognized design moves. A required piece of furniture is a soft ottoman and an elegant dressing table with a huge mirror.

It is advisable to beat the style with such architectural and compositional details as the presence of ovals, waves, a podium for a bed, ceiling moldings - the bedroom will only benefit from them. As the main color, a soft beige, creamy, peach tone can be used, which will set the mood for the whole composition.

The bedroom will be complemented by soft diffused lighting with multi-level spot lighting, concentrating light streams on luxury objects - paintings, figurines, vases.

Decoration materials for art deco style

In principle, this style involves the use of:

  • expensive wood inlaid with inserts of bronze, glass, natural stone;
    ceramic tiles from the best manufacturers, which forms the floor covering or wall lining of the bathroom and partially the kitchen;
  • glass and mirrors - they are necessary to give the room additional space and lightness, balancing dark shades and for decoration, so they should be used without fail;
  • metal - it can be chromed aluminum, darkened and patinated bronze, forging - depending on the already partially formed interior, the type of metal is also chosen, since without it it is impossible to imagine art deco;
  • textile textures - silk, satin, velvet, upholstery should be heavy and rich, overflowing with a characteristic sheen and luxurious lining.
Marble floor in art deco style living room

White or black marble tiles are best suited as flooring.

Blue stretch ceiling

Low ceiling is decorated with a mirror or glossy stretch fabric

Plaster molding ceiling in the living room

High ceiling is decorated with complex multi-stage structures or stucco molding

To decorate the walls, you can use not only paint, but also wallpaper without a pronounced pattern. It is best that they be made on a fabric basis and have silk threads in their structure that provide easy color overflow.

Black and white floor in an art deco style hallway

Wallpaper, painting, leather, ceramics, wood, stone - this is not a complete list of materials suitable for wall decoration

Silk wallpaper with patterns on the bedroom wall

Wall decoration with textile wallpaper should be perfect, without any even the slightest defects

The main colors and shapes in the art deco style: light colors and other options

The art design of the apartment cannot be called complete without the right color scheme. The main combination was the black and white eclectic palette, so it is impossible to go too far with it. It can dominate the dark manifestation, then accessories of light shades are selected to match, or vice versa, be light, then black and dark colors only emphasize the main palette.

Brown curtains on the living room windows with black ceiling

Typical art deco colors - gray, white, black and a bit of brown and purple

Gray art deco in the interior of the apartment

Spacious art deco style living room in gray colors

You can not do without pastel color combinations - creamy milk, snowy silver, beige and sand, the color of "rose ash." But it should be deep and well-saturated tones that can become the main element of the decor.

White curtains in an art deco style living room

An example of an art deco room in bright colors

If light shades serve as the color basis, then bright colors are rarely used, because they do not carry the charge of aristocracy that is inherent in art deco. Therefore, it is better to either not use them at all, or to use them in a minimal amount, as small inclusions that you need to pay attention to.

Small living room in an art deco panel house apartment

Curtains are great for bright accents.

Clear geometric shapes, stepped elements and stripes are the basis of art deco, but at the same time, the style is well drawn in the form of plant elements, rounded shapes.

Color panel above the fireplace in the living room

Interesting mosaic and glass panels can play the role of decorating elements.

Design options for an art deco studio apartment

A studio is an apartment in which not every decoration method can be applied, but the basic ideas of art deco will be very useful here. So, for example, designers offer to design a room in one color and texture, making smooth transitions from one room to another. Such smoothness, firstly, visually expands the space, and secondly, allows the use of various techniques and methods of applying the basic stylistic ideas.

Design luxury studio apartment in the style of art deco

An art deco studio apartment should serve as a standard of glamor and impress with its splendor

So, for example, a youth studio apartment can be framed in black and white, and it’s acceptable to make walls black. A print in the form of white stains, a contour of flowers or text from a book in the form of a decorative panel will effectively “lie down” on them.

Black wall in the apartment of young spouses

An example of stylish decoration of a youth studio apartment in the style of art deco

The second feature of the studio will be platforms and steps, on which you can "raise" the sleeping area, island working surface, sofa - this will be very stylish and will contribute to the problem of zoning space. Bright accessories can complement the picture - crystal vases with fresh flowers, mirrors in large elegant silver frames, elegant metal sculptures.

To summarize, one conclusion can be drawn - the art deco style is one of the most multifaceted and interesting styles in modern design, revealing an unlimited number of diverse ideas. Using them, you can turn your apartment into an elegant spacious home, bringing joy and pleasure to all households.

Video review of a real apartment after repair in the art deco style

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