Design options for a studio apartment 20 sq m

Design Studio 20 sq. m makes you wonder how to make a small one-room apartment full housing. Thanks to the competent layout and the correct zoning of the premises, you can equip the apartment very modern and comfortable.

Zoning with a rack of a studio apartment of 20 sq m

The studio apartment is a special housing format that combines the original interior with functionality and comfort.

Features of the layout of a studio apartment of 20 square meters. m

This apartment is very popular with young families. There are many advantages in such a layout: the room is as open as possible, spacious and bright. But there are also disadvantages, the main and main - this is a small footage. When planning an apartment of 20 square meters. It is necessary to equip a sleeping area, a kitchen space and a living room. This will help us a little design tricks, a color palette of finishes and functional furniture.

Zoning a curtain studio apartment

For zoning of the common room, light partitions, screens, fabric curtains or furniture are used.

The disadvantages of a studio room can be hidden as follows:

  1. Mirror. If possible, hang it in front of the window so that sunlight reflects in it, this will make the room brighter.
  2. Glossy surfaces. Kitchen sets and wardrobes with such surfaces visually expand the space.
  3. Decoration Materials. Choose light shades when decorating the interior, bright accents in the room can be created using the unusual colors of upholstered furniture and beautiful curtains on the windows.
  4. Lighting. It should be bright with additional illumination of the functional areas in the room. Add sconces, floor lamps and table lamps to the large chandelier in the living room. Spot lighting with LED lamps and ribbons in the kitchen working area will look great.
  5. Balcony. In such apartments, loggias of 4-6 square meters are provided. m. If you insulate it, you can equip a dressing room on this square, a place for installing additional household appliances so as not to clutter up the kitchen or recreation area.
Studio apartment interior with balcony

The balcony can be insulated and attached to the room or used in the warm season by installing sliding panoramic doors

Modern interior ideas and design techniques for small studios

Design studio apartment on 20 square meters. m requires preparation for the arrangement process. Having made the repair, it will be difficult to redo something, and an incorrectly placed partition or sofa can cause a lot of inconvenience.

Zoning studio apartment with a curtain

To separate the sleeping area, it is convenient to use a fabric curtain partition

The composition of the family also plays an important role, whether you live alone or together and whether replenishment is planned in the family when it is necessary to allocate a zone for the baby.

Draw a project on paper with room sizes and furniture layout options. Look at the photo of the studio design at 20 meters, decide on the style in the room - this will help you in the design of the house.

The plan of the studio apartment is 20 square meters

Layout option of a studio apartment with an area of ​​20 squares

Design tricks that are useful in organizing space:

  • Racks and partitions. When zoning the room, give preference to glass products and hollow structures. They do not take up usable area and let in light.
  • Kitchen set.You should choose light shades with glossy surfaces and glass facades. An apron in the working area is best made glass or from small mosaics, which is perfect for a small kitchen.
  • The use of the ceiling. False ceiling cabinets in small kitchens are very relevant. If you hang such a cabinet over the bar, it will not interfere and add usable space for storing mugs and glasses.
  • Bed. Organizing a cozy sleeping place in the house. Install a bed in a niche that closes with a curtain or mobile partition. A niche with an arched opening will look good.
Wide bed in a studio apartment with a sliding partition

Sliding partition - a modern and practical solution for a studio apartment

Ways to visually expand borders

When choosing a design studio 20 square meters. m from the photo, you need to know that the photo can be very different from a real apartment. When applying, make something of your own, otherwise your studio will be one of many and not be original.

Wall decor behind the sofa

Wall mural with perspective - a simple and effective means of visual expansion of space

A few tricks to expand the space:

  • When designing, adhere to monochrome colors and cool shades. In the studio, cold shades of blue, delicate green tones will look very harmonious, and gray and beige colors will visually make the room brighter.
  • It is better to distribute furniture around the perimeter of the room, and leave the center as free as possible. Even a small coffee table, set by the sofa in a small studio, can look bulky and inappropriate.
  • Pay attention to the mobile tables on wheels. They are very convenient for light snacks and gatherings with friends.
  • Get multifunctional furniture - transformer. When you can pull a small sofa out of the cabinet niche with one movement of your hand.
Mirror cabinet in a studio apartment

Glossy and reflective surfaces do an excellent job visually expanding the space

Blue pedestal in a white room

White is another way to visually increase the area of ​​a room.

Layout and zoning studio 20 square meters. m

In the photo of the design of the studio with an area of ​​20 meters it can be seen, for the correct layout, you must adhere to some rules. Otherwise, you can overload the room with excessive furniture and the room will not be spacious and bright.

Dining area in a studio apartment of 20 squares

The layout primarily depends on the format of the apartment and the number of windows

A rectangular room involves the installation of a U-shaped kitchen set, thus clearly distinguishing the boundaries of the living room and kitchen. Then there is no need to install a partition between rooms.

Design studio apartment with kitchen and bed

Rectangular studio apartment with kitchen by the window

In a square room, it is better to position the headset linearly along the wall. And with the zoning element, choose a bar, a light screen or an air shelf, which will add extra shelves for indoor plants or beautiful trinkets.

Gray sofa in a small studio apartment

A square studio apartment in which the kitchen area is separated by the bar counter from the rest of the room

Importantly, do not forget to equip the kitchen with a high-quality range hood, which will save the apartment from unnecessary odors.

The definition of style for a studio of 20 square meters. m

Defining a style for a small studio is also not an easy task. The main thing in the design is to adhere to one direction throughout the room.


The best solution for the studio. Applied light colors in decoration and furniture, bright lighting, will make the room lighter and warmer. Only the necessary furniture and wardrobes that merge with the walls will visually add square meters to your apartment.

Minimalist Studio Design

A minimum of furniture, a maximum of space - the characteristic features of a minimalist interior, ideal for a small studio apartment

The design of the kitchen area in the studio apartment

A suitable option for the kitchen - flat and smooth facades without handles and any visible fittings


Style for people prone to experimentation. Fusion allows the use of several areas in interior design.Modern trends in combination with antiques that are dear to you will be quite appropriate. A distinctive feature of the style is a combination of various colors and textures, many small details in the room. Each family member can contribute to the design of their favorite corner in the house.

Purple sofa upholstery in a common room

Fusion style interiors are usually chosen by creative individuals who are not afraid to experiment with the interior of their home.

Fusion style studio apartment interior

The main task when creating a design in fusion style is not to overdo it so that sophistication does not turn into bad taste

Loft with mezzanine

Loft - a style for extraordinary creative personalities. It implies simplicity and negligence in the decoration of walls that are highlighted - these are brick and non-plastered walls with a rough texture. The style uses a minimal amount of furniture, which is very suitable for the studio.

The interior of a studio apartment of 20 sq m in the loft style with a mezzanine

Bright studio apartment in the style of the Scandinavian loft with a high ceiling

Ladder in the apartment with a mezzanine

Thanks to the high ceiling, the berth was moved to the second tier.

Loft style with a mezzanine is when the vertical space is used to the maximum in the form of tiered interior solutions, permissible only in rooms with high ceilings.


Style means decorating the room in soft pastel colors with emphasis on brightly colored furniture. At registration it is allowed to combine modern materials: plastic, metal and glass with wood. The main feature is minimalism in furniture and decorating elements in design. Everything should be simple and concise.

Studio apartment in a modern style

The modern interior is notable for its simplicity and practicality.

Kitchen work area in a modern studio apartment

When choosing furniture for a modern interior, priority is given to functionality and convenience.

The main thing when choosing any direction is the design of the entire apartment in one color scheme and style.

Furniture for the studio 20 square meters. m

When choosing furniture, many think about how to furnish a studio with 20 meters of photos, most importantly in a small room, this is the maximum practicality and functionality. It is better to choose corner models, they do not take up much space in the room. A sofa in this format can be installed between the kitchen and the living room by visually dividing the room. Modern furniture is easy to fold out - it can be the main berth or additional for receiving guests.

Light furniture in a small studio apartment

A room in a limited size should not be bulky or dark furniture

Comfortable bed in the interior of a studio apartment

A bed equipped with drawers for storing linen is selected as a sleeping bed

Line kitchen in a small studio apartment

A linear kitchen unit can be used to divide a room into zones

Pay attention to such a novelty as glass furniture, it can be a dining table, a bar counter or a small mobile table. Such furniture dissolves in space and creates a feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness in the room.

Studio design for a family with a child

If your family plans to replenish or already has a child, then you should think about a separate area for the baby and a place for games. To do this, you should sacrifice your bed and move to the living room sofa so that your child sleeps in a separate area. The best solution would be to install a children's corner, which combines a sleeping place, a table for games and a wardrobe for clothes. It would be better to enclose such a corner with a screen so that the baby feels comfortable.

Curtain on the ceiling of a studio apartment for a family with a child

The most rational solution is a bunk bed with a functional lower level.

Design a studio apartment for a family with a child

It is better to arrange a workplace for a student near a window to provide the most comfortable lighting

If you wish, even from a small studio you can create comfortable and cozy housing. In which it will be light and comfortable for all family members.

Video review of a studio apartment with a sliding partition

50 photo ideas for interior design in a studio apartment

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