The use of Provence style in the interiors of apartments

The light and elegant style of Provence is becoming more and more popular every year, as it allows you to create a cozy and atmospheric interior in a city apartment and a country house. The style is universally suitable for decorating the kitchen, living room, bedroom and other rooms in the house, which allows you to organize an atmosphere of relaxation and relaxation in any room.

White walls of the living room in Provence style

Provence is a light and romantic interior, light and simple, not overloaded with bright details

What is the style of provence?

Provence is a style of the French province, which is a kind of country. The key difference from other country styles is light naivety, grace, aristocracy and lightness. There are no heavy things in Provence; light colors and delicate colors with a floral and floral pattern are used here.

Narrow floor mirror in a Provence style apartment room

In this interior, centuries-old French traditions harmoniously intertwine with the beauty of Provencal nature

Despite the village roots, Provence is a style with aristocratic notes, because it is based on the decoration of summer noble estates. Today, the style of the French village is popular in urban apartments, as well as in the design of cottages, cottages and country houses.

Provence style origin story

Provence, as a separate stylistic movement, was born in the late Middle Ages, when the French bourgeois began a massive relocation to provincial villages in the south to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

The design movement was named after the sunny province of Provence, in which the smell of flowers mixed with the spices of the local cuisine, and the houses and streets were as if whitened by the sun. In the 19th century, the style spread throughout Europe, it was used to decorate country houses and summer residences.

The cozy atmosphere of rich cottages in a rustic style served as a prototype of the modern Provence style, which uses a lot of textile with naive prints, pastel colors, light wood and other natural materials.

Natural textile in Provence style interior

The interior design in the Provence style provides an abundance of textiles - curtains, bedspreads, tablecloths, rugs. Handicrafts are a priority

Distinctive features of the Provence style in the interior of the apartment

To recreate Provence in a city apartment, it is necessary to pay attention to its characteristic features and features that make the direction unique. The province of Provence is a salty sea wind that mixes with the smells of flowers and spices, lavender fields and the hot midday sun, under which all the colors seem to fade, turning into pastel.

Provence-style wooden kitchen island

Separate pieces of furniture under French antiquity will create an atmosphere of coziness and warmth in the apartment

In the Provence style, it is necessary to preserve the atmosphere of the southern French region with its Mediterranean motifs and the laziness of a daytime siesta. This is achieved using the following design techniques:

  1. Light, warm and pastel colors in decoration, furniture, decor and accessories.
  2. Stucco as a wall decoration.
  3. Natural wood, stone, brick, forged elements, brass, bronze, copper.
  4. Vintage or artificially aged furniture with patina, scuffed.
  5. Elegant decor of furniture: carving, decorative glass, frames.
  6. Fresh flowers and fruits as a decoration.
  7. Porcelain and ceramics, such as vases and figurines.
  8. Open ceiling beams in country houses.
  9. Hand-made textiles, plenty of quilling, frills.
  10. Long boards for finishing the floor.
Provence style wooden chair

Provence is prone to any manifestations of antiquity - rare decor items, vintage furniture and artificially aged surfaces

The furniture should look old, made of light wood. For upholstered furniture, it is recommended to use covers.

Design of different rooms of an apartment in Provence style

The modern Provence style in the interior of the apartment photo is ideal for the design of all rooms in the house. You can embody the atmosphere of a French village with light aristocratic notes in the bathroom, the nursery and even on the balcony.

Rustic fireplace in the living room

An important element of the interior in Provence style is the fireplace

Each room has its own design rules, as well as professional secrets, armed with which you can create a stylish and unique atmosphere in a room of any size and layout.


Creating a design project for a country house, provide a window in the bathroom if you want to design this room according to all the canons of Provence. Furniture and accessories in the bathroom should look in accordance with the old rustic style: scuffs, peeling paint, gilding, rough wood processing are welcome. Use natural textures: wood, stone, ceramics, yellow metals.

Interior of a spacious bathroom in Provence style

Theme accessories are suitable for a bathroom decor in Provence style - vintage watches, wicker baskets, decorative boxes

When choosing a bathtub and other plumbing, pay attention to models with carved legs, gilded fittings. Faucets and faucets are preferred brass, as they look aristocratic and vintage. For greater authenticity, pick up a mirror in a beautiful frame, wicker baskets, translucent, light curtains and fresh flowers in clay pots and vases.


Provence is especially popular in the kitchen, as it helps to create a warm, homely atmosphere, which is important for this room. Elegant country is suitable for the small kitchen of a city apartment and the spacious kitchen of a country house.

Large bright kitchen in the style of Provence

An ideal option would be a kitchen combined with a living room

When designing, such expert ideas will come in handy:

  • carved wooden furniture painted in pastel colors;
  • hanging cabinets with glass;
  • services, porcelain and ceramics as a decor;
  • brickwork;
  • wicker baskets and clay pots with flowers;
  • containers with spices and spices;
  • glass bottles with oil;
  • the abundance of printed textiles;
  • pendant chandeliers and lamps with metal elements.

The technique is recommended to choose the built-in, so that it looks as organically as possible in a vintage interior.


The bedroom in romantic Provence looks gentle and cute. Choose bedding with ruffles and ruffles made of linen and chintz, floral curtains, mirrors in metal frames, elegant rugs and flower vases. Furniture should be elegant, with curved legs, carved backs in bright colors.

Wrought iron bed in the bedroom of a young girl

Romantic design of a bedroom in the style of Provence is often chosen by young girls

A mandatory element is a dressing table with an armchair, as well as dressers with convex drawers and consoles. Pendant chandeliers and refined lamps with thin, metal elements are suitable as lighting. For decoration, you can choose plaster, paint or wallpaper in floral print.

Living room

In the living room you need to create a feeling of fullness with light and sun.It is necessary to use vintage furniture, covers, decorative pillows, figurines, vases with flowers. Paintings, mirrors, family photos are suitable as interior decorations. Mandatory heavy chandelier with wrought iron elements or exquisite sconces made of brass or bronze.

A large chandelier on the ceiling of a Provence-style living room

Provence style living room should be as full of sunlight as possible.

Light curtains are needed on the windows, and a small, like homespun carpet, on the floor.

Hallway, corridor

In an apartment in the style of Provence, you can not ignore the hallway.

Hallway of a city apartment in Provence style

The walls of the hallway should be finished in bright colors, roomy vintage wardrobe is perfect as furniture

Here you should abandon large sliding wardrobes and give preference to a light clothes hanger, a beautiful carved chest of drawers on the legs and a wall or floor mirror in an elegant frame.

Children's room

It is customary to design a nursery in bright colors, and therefore you can add several elements of Provence to make the interior even more elegant and unique. Floral curtains, a tea table, baskets for storing things, white furniture, lavender decoration and textiles - all this will make the children's room unique and stylish.

Provence style nursery interior for a boy

Children's room can be decorated in pale blue or pastel pink palette, depending on the gender of the child

The balcony will complement the cozy atmosphere in the apartment, which must be decorated with flowerpots with fresh flowers, plants, spices. Wicker furniture can be installed on the balcony to create a kind of relaxation area.

Delicate and graceful style Provence in the interior of the apartment - the opportunity to create an atmosphere of comfort and ease, in which it will be pleasant to all households.

Provence style walls, floors and ceilings

In a city apartment there are not many options to decorate the ceiling, because in a one-room Khrushchev it is unlikely that it will be possible to open the ceiling beams. But you can use universal plaster, which looks stylish and authentic. Walls can be glued with textured wallpaper or painted.

Blue walls of the Provence style bedroom

Walls in Provencal houses are often covered with light shade paint

The floor should be wooden, so a parquet board or laminate is suitable. No carpet or linoleum, as they are not suitable for country style.

Window and door decoration

When repairing, choose light paint for doors, and for windows - wooden frames or imitating this material. Door hardware should be made of brass or bronze, chrome and steel will not look authentic.

Beige curtains from translucent fabric in the kitchen of Provence

Let a little more light into the room by hanging light curtains on the window

The door to the apartment is solid wood

Doors must be wooden, plastic and MDF will not convey the atmosphere of rustic comfort

The choice of color palette in the interior of an apartment in Provencal style

Provence is characterized by a Mediterranean color scheme with an admixture of rustic life. Pastel is combined with natural colors and light floral shades of lavender and roses.

Antique wardrobe with worn surfaces

Contrast colors are permissible only in accents, for example, in furniture upholstery.

In the modern interpretation, the color scheme has received new ideas, for example, burgundy and bright green accents. Light green may be present in textiles, for example, decorative pillows, covers for chairs and armchairs.

Burgundy Shades

Dilution of pastels with burgundy is characteristic of a bedroom or living room. In the kitchen, the classics are still strong - brown, beige, blue and white, combined among themselves. Maroon can be bedspreads, rugs, carpet, pillows, wallpaper patterns. The combination of rich cherry and pastel will give a modern contrast that looks relevant and fashionable.

Wooden bed with burgundy bedspread

Burgundy bedspread as an accent in the interior of a bedroom

It is important to choose a color scheme depending on the size of the room. In odnushka, it is not recommended to abuse bright and saturated colors, so as not to reduce the visual area.Also, dark tones are not used in Provence for interior decoration, only for furniture or accents.


Elegant pastel in combination with natural colors of wood, herbs, lavender and flowers is suitable for decoration of any premises in the apartment. Choose a warm pastel: beige, dark pink, yellow, light green.

Old table with wooden table top

The color scheme in pastel colors is diluted with the texture of natural wood.

The walls must be left plain if it is planned to decorate the room with patterned textiles.

Furniture items and decor for an apartment in Provence style

For a complete French country experience, choose elegant, light and elegant furniture. In Provence, excesses in the decor are inappropriate, because in the rustic style, functionality is the main thing.

Rustic kitchen shelf

Provence bleached aged furniture in the kitchen

The furniture should be elegant, on carved legs, made of light wood - ash, walnut, chestnut. Forged and braided elements look great, as well as accessories made of brass and bronze. Furniture classics are chests of drawers, sideboards, small sofas and armchairs with bent legs, round tables, wicker furniture for relaxing.

Decor flowers kitchen in a city apartment

There are always many flowers in Provence - living and dried, in pots and vases, in hanging flower pots and floor flowerpots, or simply in the form of herbaria

Choosing the right lighting in the interior of a Provence style apartment

In small rooms, you can refuse multilevel lighting in favor of the central one. Chandeliers and pendant lights fit well into the interior of the living room or kitchen, provided that they are made in retro style with metal elements in brass or bronze.

Glass and brass lamp over the kitchen table

To illuminate the dining group, use vintage lamps suspended on cords, chains or ropes

In large rooms, you should not use spot lights and other LED lamps that do not fit into the retro setting.

Chandelier with candles on the ceiling of the living room

Chandelier in the form of a candelabra or with a fabric lampshade - suitable options for a living room or bedroom in Provence style

In the bedroom and the nursery, floor lamps and table lamps with exquisite lampshades in a cage or flower will be an excellent option. When choosing the temperature of incandescent lamps, give preference to warm light, as cold or daylight will not look organic.

Suitable design options for a Provence-style studio apartment

In a country studio, style will add coziness, which is important for large rooms. Open beams, natural wood texture, stone, brick, ceramics, forging - all this will make the interior multifaceted, complex and exclusive.

Provence style studio apartment interior

Provence-style studio apartment is, first of all, an abundance of soft shades: cream, sand, champagne, milk or ivory

Experts know several secrets how to create a unique design in the style of French country in a studio apartment.

  1. A multi-level ceiling that separates the kitchen area from the living room. In the living room you can use beams that look stylish and modern, but leave a sense of country authenticity.
  2. Kitchen apron as an accent separator. An apron in the work area can be made darker than the finish of the walls, ceiling and floor. So it will serve as an element of the zoning of the interior and separate the kitchen and living room.
  3. Lamps above the dining area, which must be hung as low as possible above the table. So it turns out elegantly highlighting the kitchen area.

You can also use a combination of different options for wallpaper or texture in the same room.

Decor photographs of the wall in a studio apartment

The apartment, decorated in the spirit of Provence, gives the impression of a pleasant and pacifying interior, filled with the freshness of lavender spaces

Examples of apartments and studios in the style of provence

Today, in any apartment or house, you can organize the atmosphere of the French province. It is enough to use the key moments of registration, and an ordinary one-bedroom apartment will turn into a cozy villa in the south of France.In real photos, you can see how to achieve full stylistic compliance with the right finishes, furniture and accessories.

Light and elegant Provence is an ideal choice for those who are bored in the city for a light, slightly lazy, rustic atmosphere, its warmth and comfort. With the help of practical expert advice, you can create an authentic style in an apartment of any type, regardless of its layout and size.

Video: interior of a real apartment in provence style

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