Everything about the decor for the garden and the cottages of metal and wood

Each owner of a summer cottage seeks to decorate it, make it original and unusual. Decor for the garden can be presented in a variety of forms and types, but it should be remembered that any changes in the design of the cottage should harmonize with the house and fit into the landscape.

Grandfather bicycle garden bed

In the trend, the use of old bicycles as stands for flower pots

How to decorate a summer cottage

To decorate gardens and summer cottages, various decorative elements made of wood, stone and other materials are used. They can be purchased in specialized stores or created independently. When making it yourself, you can implement the most daring ideas that will make your site more attractive.

Garden decor with old things

A little imagination - and the old coffee pot will turn into an original decorative element

There are many options for arrangement, among which are the following:

  1. Garden paths. They form the appearance of the entire site, allow you to comfortably move around it. To create them, use tiles, pebbles, saw cuts of trees and other materials.
  2. A pond, with the help of which you can make an entire artistic composition: throw a decorative bridge over it, plant aquatic plants and overlay stones around the contour.
  3. Garden fountain. It is performed in various styles, because it looks great on any sites.

    DIY garden fountain from an old teapot

    Unusual fountain from an old metal teapot

  4. Flower beds. They can be of various shapes and sizes and are the main decoration of the site. You can equip a classic flower garden or use any original option.
  5. Garden swing. Presented as stationary or portable options.
  6. Gazebo. It is most often made of wood, decorated with flowers. The size of the gazebo depends on the area of ​​the site, it can have a canopy and backlight.
Home-made pond from an old bath in the garden of a private house

A small pond can be made from a cast-iron bath or other suitable container

Currently, for the manufacture of jewelry for the summer cottage use car tires. From them you can make flower beds and other crafts. Plastic bottles are also actively used, with the help of which they create crafts of animals, birds and plants.

Children's swing from tires on a country site

Garden swing from old car tires

From the branches of trees you can equip small barriers that will help to divide the functional areas of the site or just perform a decorative function.

DIY garden decoration with wood crafts

From the branches and roots of trees you can create chic sculptures

Wooden garden decoration elements

The most popular decor for a summer house and garden are wooden elements, which is explained by their availability, environmental friendliness and ease of processing. Wood products will last a long time and fit perfectly into the countryside landscape. Wooden elements can fulfill not only a decorative, but also a functional role.

DIY garden flowerbed

A decorative well made of thin planks will perfectly play the role of a flower bed

Decorative benches and tables

Being an important element of a garden decor from a tree, benches and tables can be made independently from improvised materials. Taking into account their location, recreational areas and plant compositions are formed.It is possible to make products from various species of wood, while their characteristics should be taken into account.

Wooden furniture for the garden relaxation area

Functional table with benches made of thick boards

A bench with a table can be made as a monolithic product, in which they act as a whole, or as separate objects.

Homemade wooden bench near the wall of the barn

From the roots of an old tree you can make a very original bench

Functional items for the garden

Functional products for the garden - this is such a garden decor, which is not only a means of decoration, but also can significantly change the appearance of the garden and turn it into a place to relax. These include:

  • Wooden fences and fences. They can be painted in any color or landscaped with plants. Fences are able to mark the boundaries of the site, and small fences will allow you to select zones on it.

    A bright fence in the front garden of a country house

    A beautiful fence can be made even from an ordinary picket fence

  • Birdhouses. They are a decorative element with which you can attract birds to the site. Wooden birdhouses, made in the form of a house, look the most aesthetically pleasing.

    Beautiful birdhouses for garden decor

    Such birdhouses can be made with children in a couple of days off.

  • Wooden cart. It is a variant of the original flower garden in which plants can be located in pots or planted directly in the cart.

    Wagon bed in a plot with a wooden fence

    The wooden cart is an excellent flower bed for petunias and other annual flowers

  • A wooden staircase that can be used as a pot rack.

    Flower pots on the steps of a wooden stepladder

    The old staircase will also serve as a decorative composition

  • Piles of wood or plywood, arranged along the paths and planted with flowers, perfectly fit into the landscape and frame the paths, giving them a finished look.

    Flower bed from a wooden barrel

    Stylish flower girl from a half of a wooden barrel

  • Figures of gnomes or other fabulous creatures. They can be made from old stumps and have any size.

    Wooden stump gnome house

    An old stump will make an interesting house for a gnome

Decorations for the garden made of wood will be relevant at any time and will give the site an original look.

Jewelry made of metal

Equally popular are the metal products that are used on the site. For decoration, you can use any metal: steel, bronze, cast iron and others. The most common metal structures are:

  • Metal fences. Fences forged or made from a single sheet of steel can be painted in any color.

    Nice metal fence for the front garden

    To make such a fence yourself, you will need the skills of welded and locksmith work

  • Forged gazebos. These gazebos look very stylish, like forged metal furniture.

    Garden arbor on a forged frame

    The wrought-iron arbor will decorate any garden site

  • Metal arches located deep in flower arrangements.

    Chain roses on a steel pipe garden arch

    Metal arches look great with climbing roses

For the decor of the site, you can use old buckets, watering cans in which flowers are planted and place them on the site, one at a time or as a whole composition. An old bicycle and any other metal products are also suitable for decoration.

Unusual ideas for a cottage-style garden

Creating a landscape on a personal plot, you can use the most diverse and unusual decoration options:

  • painted old shoes as flower beds;
  • balls of yarn or fabric;
  • paths made of multi-colored stone;
  • birds and animals from plastic bottles or other material;
  • use of old furniture as decorative elements.

When choosing a wooden or other decor for the garden, it should be remembered that it is a continuation of the house, its external part. Therefore, when creating a landscape, it is recommended to use home decoration elements or suitable colors and shapes.

Garden flowers in old galoshes

Old shoes can turn into original flower pots

DIY pond in the country from an old bath

An old cast-iron bathtub will also serve as a pond with a fountain

Decorating an old fence with plastic plugs

Decor wooden fence corks from plastic bottles

Alpine slide as a design solution for the garden landscape

Alpine slide is one of the most spectacular options for landscape design. The composition is based on stones and low plants, which are laid out in a certain order in the shape of a mountain.

Small rock garden at the cottage

Alpine hill is a man-made hill with stones, planted with flowers or low plants

It is recommended to have a rock garden in a place that can be viewed from all sides. It should also be borne in mind that it requires sunlight, therefore, next to large trees, an alpine hill is not installed.

To create a rock garden, you must first draw its sketch, which will determine:

  • the required number of stones and tiers;
  • the amount of drainage and soil required to form the embankment;
  • the number of seeds or seedlings of plants.

The height of the slide should correspond to its area. Typically, the climb per meter diameter is 0.2 m. When arranging a rock garden, you should not neglect the preparatory stage, which includes the creation of drainage, the selection of suitable soil and stones. It is not recommended to use stones of the same size and shape. For rock gardens use a wide variety of plants and flowers that are unpretentious to environmental conditions.

Using Natural Stone for Garden Decor

Small alpine slide made of flat stones

Alpine small pond

Alpine slide with artificial pond

A small pond in an alpine hill made of rubble stone

Natural rock garden with waterfall

Thus, a unique home decor in the garden can be created independently and without special costs. To do this, use any materials at hand and your own imagination. There are many options for the design of the territory, among which you can choose the most suitable style.

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