How to choose linoleum for interior decoration of an apartment

Finishing the floor is at the end of the repair work. Choosing a coating that is comfortable in every way and harmonious with the whole interior is an important task. The market provides a huge number of options. The improved linoleum in the photo in the interior of the apartment can be viewed below, it will look great, will last a long time and will cost less than other materials.

linoleum in the interior

Linoleum is a relatively inexpensive and practical solution that is used in the design of various rooms.

Main features of using this type of flooring

Modern linoleum is outwardly similar to a laminate or tile and has many technically positive qualities:

  • practical to use;
  • inexpensive;
  • durable with preservation of the original appearance;
  • made of environmentally friendly materials;
  • a large number of designer designs.

Heat and sound insulation

Linoleum with a heat-insulating base is very popular among customers. An attractive interior should also be comfortable. The effectiveness of the decorative material is explained by the presence of a special design. The elastic properties of polyvinyl chloride help to soften impact noise. Sound absorbing additives also play a role. The top layer is made of polymer; a felt or jute base is glued to it. It is the reason for the conservation of heat, and also drowns out the noise from the apartment below. The base gives extra softness, which is especially important if the family has a small child. Transparent film protects against mechanical stress.

linoleum in the interior design

Linoleum is a type of roll coating, for the manufacture of which polymeric materials are mainly used.

Important! Improving the noise, heat-insulating effect is also achieved by additional methods in combination with linoleum: a “floating” screed with a soundproofing substrate is a great idea.

Low temperature fragility

One of the disadvantages of the coating is that low temperatures adversely affect its technical parameters. It becomes brittle and brittle. Therefore, linoleum should be selected taking into account the climatic characteristics of the premises where it will be laid. A country house or a balcony requires a special approach in choosing. Pay attention to frost-resistant linoleum. This is a real and optimal choice. It is able to withstand negative temperatures and can be laid on rough bases.

linoleum in the interior design photo

Installation is carried out using frost-resistant glue.


The material requires a careful attitude, as sharp loads or prolonged exposure (shock, furniture installed in one place for a long time) cause the formation of defects. There are several ways to repair small dents.With the help of heat (iron, hair dryer) or puncture the defect with a needle, followed by natural filling with air.

linoleum in the interior photo design

There are many varieties that differ in certain characteristics, positive or negative qualities.

Specific smell

Synthetic coatings contain plasticizers and other chemicals. additives to impart certain technical characteristics. They are a source of odor, which decreases over time.

linoleum in the interior photo design

Natural linoleum does not smell.

Varieties of indoor linoleum

Multilayer PVC coatings are classified according to the degree of wear resistance. It depends on the thickness of the working layer.


The main component is modifications of the polymer polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It has a thin transparent protective coating. The material is soft, resistant to ultraviolet household chemicals (without solvents), does not attract dust. The wear layer is 0.1-0.35 mm. The term of operation is 5 years.

linoleum in the interior design ideas

It is considered the most inexpensive option that can withstand light loads.


The fiberglass base is impregnated with a layer of PVC, followed by applying a pattern and a wear layer (0.4-0.6 mm). An increase in the thickness of the protective film together with the use of a stronger and more rigid base increases the service life up to 10 years.

linoleum in the interior design ideas

The semi-commercial type has a felt and synthetic base that allows you to keep warm.


It is resistant to heavy loads and has great bursting resistance due to the 4 mm total thickness and a protective layer of 0.7 mm. It can be operated for 25 years.

linoleum in the interior design ideas

It is quite dense, resistant to abrasion and can withstand heavy loads.

The choice of material for linoleum in the apartment

We select based on the purpose of the premises and the wear resistance of the material. Pay attention to the marking. In euro classification, the first number 2 means that linoleum is intended for installation in residential premises. The next (1 to 4) ability to withstand loads. Icons with the number of people contribute to the correct choice (the more there are, the higher the resistance to loads).

Natural linoleum

In modern design - it is an environmentally friendly material with strength and durability. The initial mass is formed using wood flour, linseed oil, softwood resin, crushed limestone and mineral dyes. Chemical binders are not used in the pressing process. Sesame canvas is used as a substrate. Linoleum in the apartment photo from natural raw materials will be the perfect solution. Resistant to abrasion, static and dynamic effects. Afraid of high humidity and expensive.

linoleum in the kitchen

It has a jute base; for its manufacture, resin of deciduous trees, wood flour, lime as a filler, as well as natural coloring pigments are used to give color.

Important! Ecological purity of the material allows its use not only in children’s, but also in apartments, where people with asthma or allergies live.

PVC linoleum

The base may be fabric or non-woven having thermal insulation properties. Benefits:

  • dielectric (does not attract dust);
  • resistance to decay;
  • low thermal conductivity;
  • ease of installation;
  • wide range of colors and textures.
linoleum under the laminate

It may have a fabric or non-fabric basis, one layer or several.

There are also disadvantages - it is sensitive to elevated temperatures, the ingress of solvents or alkali leads to damage. Low temperatures negatively affect elasticity.

Rubber linoleum

Another name is relin. The basis of production is rubber that has undergone double processing. The coating is resistant to temperature changes and the effects of household chemicals. The apartment is applicable for auxiliary rooms.

linoleum in the interior design

Relin has a front layer made of rubber with filler and pigment and a lining, at the base of which crushed rubber and bitumen are involved.

Alkyd linoleum

It is also called glyptal. An alkyd resin is applied to the fabric base. The material is fragile and has difficulties in installation, but in contrast, it has good sound and heat insulation characteristics.

linoleum in the interior design photo

Gliftal or alkyd linoleum, differs in a fabric base with an alkyd resin applied to it.

Important! The manufacturing process of the modernized religion excludes the use of bitumen, which makes it possible to lay it in residential premises.

The choice of colors of linoleum for interior decoration

Having chosen the necessary technical characteristics and qualities, we approach the color and texture. Here, the fundamental criterion is the overall interior of the room. Linoleum should fit perfectly into it.

Light tones

Light colors visually make the room large. These tones predispose to calm and inspiration. It is not exclusively white or light gray. The blue linoleum design in the apartment will make it easy, will create a feeling of presence on the sea coast with the airiness of the sky. Beige shades are characterized by versatility and compatibility with many tones.

light linoleum

Woody beige coloring looks like a laminate.

Milk and cream shades are distinguished by style and feature to suit most interiors (harmonious combination with furniture and household appliances). Pink is more popular than red (stimulating the psyche). It extinguishes aggression. Its calm muted tones can be used in children's, living rooms and kitchens.

Important! In spacious rooms, a light floor can take away the feeling of comfort.

Dark tones

Interior classics involves the use of sand. And dark colors will be the highlight of the style. Especially if oriental patterns flaunt against their background. The use of dark linoleum is a unique interior technique. The floor itself can become the accent of the room. Use coffee, brown and especially black color is necessary in the presence of large areas. Then the dark shades will connect the space together. Otherwise, along with the "eating up" of the place, the floor will add weight to the interior. A non-standard and bold solution would be to use saturated purple.

dark linoleum

Along with originality, the room feels cool and fresh, mysterious and mysterious.

Examples of designing different rooms using linoleum

Together with quality and safety in the selection of linoleum, it is necessary to take into account the purpose of the room and the overall style. Floors complete the look. Photos of linoleum in the interior of the apartments emphasize how important it is to take into account all the design nuances.

linoleum in the kitchen

A variety of material completely affects not only the performance characteristics of the finish, but also the warmth and comfort of the lined plane.

In the living room

This is a room that all family members use. Therefore, the first thing is durability and safety. Thickness - up to 4 mm (load plus thermal insulation). The jute base is allowed to walk barefoot (especially if you choose a coating with bactericidal properties).

linoleum in the living room

In a spacious room with a little furniture, you can use a glossy finish with a shiny and shiny surface.

On the kitchen

A high wear resistance class is a must. Glossy coatings will be preferred because they are easier to care for. In the same sense, it is better to choose gray and brown tones. A drawing imitating parquet will be appropriate in any style.

linoleum in the kitchen photo

To decorate the kitchen or dining room, you can apply the decoration with the most diverse design and color palette.

In the nursery

Bright colors with an interesting pattern are inherent in the colors in the rooms for children. Despite the high cost, the best option is a natural type of material.

linoleum in the interior of the nursery

In the interior of the nursery, this finish should primarily retain heat well, have antistatic properties and be completely safe for the child.

In the hall

Semi-commercial type will be the best solution. Since the entrance halls carry out frequent and heavy loads. Look for a model that has an anti-slip effect. Of the colors, preference is given to dark and semi-dark options.

linoleum in the interior of the hallway

In the corridor or hallway, a lining with a colorful pattern will be especially appropriate, which will serve as an excellent masking of pollution.

In the bedroom

To create a cozy interior, we use a semi-commercial type of natural linoleum with a warm base. Tones should be calm, predisposing to rest.

linoleum in the bedroom interior

For the bedroom, choose the most diverse design, which depends on the overall style of the room.


Linoleum is a budget version of floor coverings, which in its modern design has a number of advantages, from practicality and environmental friendliness to rich colors and ease of installation and subsequent maintenance.

linoleum in the interior of the kitchen

This facing option can easily fit into a room with any interior style.

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