Variations of the wall-slides in the design of the living room

Theoretically, a furniture slide in the living room is a complex of elements of different shapes, sizes and configurations, harmoniously combined into one color and stylistic composition. But in fact, this is a typical room suite with modules arranged in ascending or descending order.

Red and black slide with glossy facades

The wall-slide consists of compact parts and can be equipped with a variety of hanging cabinets, shelves and pencil cases

Depending on the functions of the individual parts or the wall as a whole, the elements can be small or large, independent or interconnected, suspended or standing against the wall. In most cases, the slides in the living room are multifunctional: designed to install video and audio equipment, store small household items, maintain the interior style and give comfort to the living area.

Pros and cons of a slide wall in a living room interior

As a modern type of headset for the living room, the wall-slides have a lot of obvious positive characteristics. These include:

  • a variety of forms, types of structures and materials for their embodiment;
  • compact size with sufficient capacity;
  • mobility, ease of movement;
  • ergonomics;
  • the ability to independently compose a set of the necessary modules;
  • environmental friendliness and naturalness (models from the massif of a tree);
  • durability of high-quality wall-slides;
  • neat appearance, not cluttering the space of the living room;
  • the ability to support and complement any interior.
Modern wood wall slide

A furniture set of objects of different sizes makes the living room interior more interesting and attractive.

Against the background of positive qualities, several negative ones can be distinguished:

  • the durability of the slides, provided that poor-quality materials are used, illiterate installation or improper operation;
  • high cost of a reliable headset;
  • the lack of a complete large-sized system for storage in a wall kit.

Features of slide designs

The wall for the living room is an important element, so in its choice it is worth focusing on a number of fundamental criteria. For example, the type of material used: solid wood, particleboard, MDF, chipboard and more. Or the composition of the headset is the number and functionality of the modules. But the most important criterion in this choice is design features. Using this “filter”, all the models presented today can be divided into two categories: built-in and case-mounted. The first option is a headset mounted in a niche, for which the walls are side ends and the floor of the room is the bottom of the cabinet. The second is a finished set of furniture in the living room for a harmonious location along one or more walls.

Wall slide from oak to the living room

Natural wood is most often used to make furniture in a classic style.

Combined wall slide on the bright wall of the living room

For modern interiors models from particleboard or MDF are more suitable


For a successful arrangement of a stylish built-in wall, a niche in the wall and a set of custom modules are required. Elements of such a headset traditionally occupy the entire opening, so they must be made strictly in size.

Built-in slide in the living room wall

The complete set of the built-in wall can be chosen to your taste and wallet

Built-in furniture is more practical and budgetary due to the lack of individual structural elements. But unlike the cabinet, it cannot be rearranged at one’s own discretion.

The built-in slide in the living room is too much like the good old-fashioned floor-to-ceiling room headsets. If you want novelty, this option is not the best solution.


The body design of the wall-slide allows you to freely change the position of the furniture in the room, in some models - to rearrange the modules. But such a headset takes up more valuable space and looks awkward on uneven floors. Due to the fact that the case slide is provided with all the details (bottom, side floors, etc.), its cost will exceed the price of the previous version.

Inexpensive wall slide hull type

The body wall can be disassembled and rearranged, but the relative position of individual sections cannot be changed.

Varieties of slide walls for the living room

Among the variety of slides in the living room in a modern style, there are several completely unexpected options. For example, a wall with a convertible wardrobe or a built-in double bed. There are also models with a bed-stand module and even 3 in 1 options. Perhaps these innovations are practical, but are they functional enough? Fans of beautiful and reliable furniture still prefer one of four popular varieties.

Wall transformer with a folding bed

Transforming slide with a folding berth

Corner wall slide

If the square of the living room is large enough, you can give preference to the corner wall-slide. In this time, the elements of the headset have about two adjacent walls (close or at intervals), and in the corner they install a radiused closet for clothes, bedding and other things.

TV in the corner of the wall-slide

Corner slide with TV stand

Corner cabinet as part of a wall-slide

Corner model with clothes storage cabinet

These models are not very practical in saving space, but are convenient for storing large household appliances such as a vacuum cleaner, music center, MFI. Particularly advantageous are models with a working computer zone in the corner. But this time, you need a small office chair and an additional built-in light source.

In small rectangular living rooms, the corner walls look massive and inappropriate, even if the modules are quite narrow.

Straight wall slide

This option is nothing more than the modern incarnation of the Soviet room ceiling-mounted headset.

Wall slide direct type of dark colors

Direct wall-slide with a large number of cabinets and shelves for storing things and decorations

In fact, its main characteristics remained the same:

  • location near one wall;
  • saving living room space;
  • an abundance of space for storing things and installing equipment;
  • the presence of a wardrobe, chest of drawers, bookcase or other modules that are preferred at the stage of order formation;
  • variety in color and stylistic solutions;
  • the ability to complement the basic kit with built-in lighting “turntable” for a minibar, etc.

Modular wall slide

Modular designs - a kind of furniture puzzle. Depending on the design of the room, the size of the room and the mood of the owner, the modules in the wall-slide can be interchanged, thereby modifying the general appearance of the headset. Often, individual modules are distributed throughout the hall, literally across four different walls. In this case, the residential area looks complete, united by a common style from all sides.

Yellow facades of modular living room furniture

The modular wall can consist of a variety of objects depending on the size and purpose of the living room

The following elements are included in the package of modular wall-slides:

  • cabinet with doors or a showcase;
  • chest of drawers;
  • thumbs;
  • shelves;
  • niche for TV;
  • mini bar;
  • side boxes.
Modular slide in a modern style

Pictured is a modern modular wall model with a wardrobe

In the event of a breakdown, a particular module is easy to replace or completely remove. Which is not permissible with dimensional straight or corner models.

Wall slide for a living room with a workplace

A set of modular furniture can even include a table or a secretary for organizing a workplace in the living room

Mini wall

The most popular type of headset for the happy owners of a small living room is a mini-wall. This design has a small weight and insignificant dimensions, and is also quite mobile relative to the room.

Mini wall in a small living room

A mini-slide can accommodate even the smallest living room

Mini slide on the wall of a small living room

The hanging model of the mini-wall will take even less space

Mini-slides almost never overload the interior design of the hall, but at the same time include all the essential elements: a niche for video and audio equipment, a pencil case or bookcase for books and other small things, a small chest of drawers for things that you want to hide from prying eyes. Often mini-walls are supplemented with a neat bar, niches for “cups, medals, photo frames”, a place for a mini-safe.

The choice of the color palette of the wall-slide

The choice of color of a modern wall directly depends on the design of the room and the palette of tones used for its embodiment. It is recommended to install furniture “under a natural light wood” in pastel colors (beige, cream, sand, marble) in an interior that is light and not overloaded with details. If an individual elegant style is chosen for the design of the living room, it is worth emphasizing it with a set of dark color (in the colors of cedar, walnut, stained oak, rosewood). Also often in the manufacture of wall slides other colors, combinations, unusual textures are used.

  • White. A universal option that blends perfectly with any other shade. For all its aesthetics, white furniture is considered impractical because it requires regular thorough care.

    Gloss on the white facades of the slide wall

    A white wall with glossy facades is a great choice for a small living room.

  • The black. The color of severity and restraint, characteristic of the modernist, high-tech, loft styles. It is ideally combined with contrasting white and beige, bright orange and red, muted gray.

    Stylish wall slide along the wall with gray wallpaper

    Modular black slide in modern style living room

  • Different and multi-colored options. Slides with a bright mix of textures and shades are justified in the interior where all other details are more or less restrained. If you install a multi-colored wall in a room with an abundance of catchy details, the overall design will turn out to be lurid and absurd.

    Two-tone wall slide in the bright room of a private house

    Furniture with multi-colored facades looks attractive and is perfect for a modern living room interior.

In the design of the living room is not recommended to use furniture exclusively red, bright burgundy or any acidic tone. Such a color spot will act as an irritant when staying indoors for a long time.

Wall Design Styles

Making home furniture is akin to art. In which the apartment is a finished canvas, and the furniture slide is a small picture in a certain style with specific features of a particular direction. To maintain the concept, not only the product model is strictly controlled, but also the shape and size of specific elements, their color, texture of decoration, type of fittings, etc. Loft, modern, Provence, minimalism, hi-tech, techno, country, baroque, classic style and other options are strikingly different from each other and look appropriate exclusively in a suitable interior.

Small wall slide for the living room in the loft style

The slide in the loft style is a half-open shelving with wooden shelves on a metal frame

Wall slide for a spacious living room in the style of Scandi

White facades and wooden cases - a traditional design of furniture for the Scandinavian interior


The furniture wall in the classical style is a successful combination of pathos high cost and elegant restraint. The slide can be dark brown, burgundy, the color of bog oak, but always with a natural wood pattern. Through the use of varnishes and stains, a natural print is tried not to hide, but to emphasize. Modules in the headset of traditionally strict forms and familiar modifications: bookcases, chests of drawers, floor racks.The decor is dominated by neat carvings, moldings, curly pens and more.

Dark slide wall in the classic style living room

Elite furniture in a classic style is made of hardwood, decorated with carvings and decorated with curly elements.


Walls-slides in the Art Nouveau style are not characterized by symmetry, therefore, an arbitrary arrangement of floor and suspension modules is perfectly acceptable. Since the style is simple and straightforward, most elements of the kit should have a strict form, and radius and curly facades in this case are unacceptable. The optimal color palette - from dark walnut to ivory. As decoration, a combination of facade materials (acrylic plates and LDCs), built-in ice-lighting, glass and mirrors with sandblasted drawings are practiced.

Highlighting glass sections of the slide wall

Art Nouveau wall slide with beautiful glass inserts and integrated lighting


The most catchy and challenging modern style leaves a lot of room for experimentation. In it, combinations of bright colors (white-red, yellow-brown, beige-cherry), various materials (acrylic plates and MDF panels), unusual shapes and lines are acceptable. A modern slide in the living room is often complemented by metal or plastic elements. Some models include unusual modules such as electric fireplace, minibar, folding bed.

Multi-colored modules wall slides in a modern style

The slide for the living room in a modern style can have the most diverse appearance


The rustic style of the slides in the room is characterized by coloring all the elements in white, beige, pale blue, pale green or pale pink. If a material imitating the texture of wood is used, then the lightest breed is the sample. A typical Provence style set includes a small wardrobe, a figured chest of drawers, a sideboard with a mass of drawers and shelves behind glass, where beautiful dishes are traditionally located. Country furniture is decorated with artificial aging, wooden carving and weaving, stained glass, etc.

Wall slide in a small country style living room

Country-style furniture should reflect simplicity and create a cozy, rustic setting.

Country style is characterized by floral print using decoupage technique. Using this technique, you can independently give the finished headset the desired styling.

Baroque or Empire

Unlike typical restrained classics, empire uses much more carving and molding, often decorates furniture with gilding, and in some cases they cover elements with shiny or colored varnish. To enhance the effect of these specific details, the base is painted white or cream. In most cases, the set of wall-slides for the Baroque style living room consists of twin narrow sideboards or one central, floor chest of drawers, a hanging structure for TV and household items. Sliding doors, metal parts and LED lights are not applicable this time.

Natural wood slide in the Empire style living room

Such furniture usually resembles antiques or even is

Video: Examples of wall-slides in the interior of a living room

Photos of interesting ideas for design living room with a wall-slide

A slide into the living room is an excellent option for a comfortable arrangement of the room with the ability to place the necessary things and at the same time complement the already created interior. But is it possible to successfully choose this type of headset, relying solely on the description. More likely no than yes! We recommend that you look at the best living room design ideas in the photo, where the slide walls occupy the main positions and naturally emphasize the decor of the living area.

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