Choose a mirror in the bedroom according to the rules of Feng Shui

In this article, we will consider all options for the location of mirror surfaces, the opinions of psychologists and different traditions on this subject, as well as their pros and cons. The mirror in the bedroom these days is not just a designer accessory, but also a multifunctional object.

Round mirror over the head of the bed

The mirror in the bedroom, when correctly positioned, favorably reflects the surroundings and gives the interior a certain magical mystery

Rules for the location of the mirror in the bedroom

Why can not I put a mirror near the bed

It is believed that the location of the mirror near the bed has a negative effect on the person, because even from the point of view of simple logic, a sleepy person, seeing his reflection, may be afraid of himself.

Large mirror on the closet in the bedroom

Knowing the rules of feng shui helps to arrange objects in the room so that they have an exclusively beneficial effect on the psychological state of a person

In fact, is it possible to hang a mirror in the bedroom and how its location affects the well-being in the house there are many opinions, let's consider them.

Why it is undesirable to sleep in front of mirrors

Many people know that placing a mirror in front of a berth is a bad omen. But why? Is the mirror in the bedroom good or bad? Let's see, because the beliefs of different peoples of the world speak about this.

Reflection of a girl in a mirror cabinet in a bedroom

The location of the mirror in the bedroom should be approached very seriously.

Chinese traditions say that in the mirror is the very entrance to the other world, which opens if a person falls asleep in front of the mirror, he will be weakened, and his double in the mirror will pull him to the other side, the person will not be able to get out.

Russian traditions prohibit the location of the mirror in front of the berth, because with this arrangement, the sleeping person, upon waking up, can see reflections of himself, and the boundary of the other world is located exactly on the boundary of the mirror, as a result the astral spirit of a person can be drawn to the other side.

Feng Shui says that in the mirror with such an arrangement, all sharp angles are displayed, which can negatively affect the sleeping person’s personal life.

A small mirror on the wall of the bedroom

The ability of a mirror to reflect is considered by Feng Shui a truly magical property, which can multiply positive energies and negate negative ones.

There is also a sign that if the sleeping man is lonely, his fate will be double the heavier, and if the sleeping spouses are opposite the mirror, then people will still appear in their lives who will destroy their relationship.

The sleeping person is in a weakened state and signs say that in this very state the mirror gives away the negative energy that it has accumulated and takes away positive energy.

Double bed in the bedroom with mirrors

According to ancient teachings, the mirror in the bedroom must be placed so that the bed does not appear in it

Optimal solutions for mirror placement in the bedroom

To place mirrors in the room there are several options that will help you solve this issue.

  • Firstly, place the mirror along the wall, if the size of your room allows you to leave free space to reflect it.
  • Secondly, it is possible to place several smaller mirrors, rather than one large, which will also dilute your interior.With this method, you can use absolutely any wall and space for this decorative element, but the minus is that it does not always work.
  • Thirdly, placing a mirror on the dressing table in your bedroom. A great option for those who want to combine the aesthetics of the dressing table and the multifunctionality of the mirror. With this arrangement, it is necessary to take into account that for this a certain free space is necessary, preferably with good daylight.

A classic is the location of the mirror on the surface of the cabinet, because this is almost the most common method, which allows you to use the space not only for the distribution of things inside the cabinet, but also to expand the visual space due to the external mirror surface.

Wardrobe with mirrored doors in the bedroom of the spouses

A large mirror mounted in the cabinet door contributes to the visual expansion of the space

Another possible option for placing the mirror is its location on the chest of drawers, as a movable option. This is suitable for those who are not ready to install it monumentally “for centuries”, in addition, this option is an excellent addition to the interior, and the chest of drawers also functionally serves to store things.

Round mirror over the dresser in the bedroom

Correctly located mirror will give the room comfort and embellish the interior of the bedroom

As an alternative to the option of placing the mirror along the wall, it is possible to place a mirror above the bed in the bedroom, this design is well known and has been used for a long time, besides it is also possible to add more “air” to the space of your room.

Narrow mirror canvas throughout the bedroom wall

A mirror built into the wall creates a pleasant atmosphere and creates interesting accents

A small mirror on the bedroom door

The natural combination of a mirror with other interior items creates a complete composition

Perhaps the location on the walls of any furniture that is in your room, such mirrors in the interior of the bedroom will look original.

Dressing table with a mirror in the bedroom of a modern style

Properly selected reflective surfaces form a truly interesting and original design of the bedroom

Which mirror is better for the bedroom

Mirrors with drawings on the sides of the bed

Using various shapes and sizes of mirror surfaces, you can change the spatial perception and correct the imperfections of the room

Recommendations for choosing the shape, size and frame for the mirror

Before choosing a frame for a mirror, pay attention to some details before buying it:

  • the mirror should not distort the image, the reflection should not “float” or move out;
  • there should be no chips or cracks on the rear surface of the mirror, in which case it will be short-lived;
  • there should be a special edge on the side of the mirror, which will prevent the mirror from possible damage;
  • When choosing the size of the mirror, initially think in which way and where exactly you mean to attach it.

It is possible to choose any frame, you can use them from several different styles, thereby you can dilute the space, the frames and shapes of the mirrors themselves can be oval, or as an example, rectangular, it all depends on what kind of emphasis you want to do. You can use gold, white, silver, and possibly all together, if the general design concept of your bedroom allows this.

Soft headboard of a wide bed

The design of the mirror should match the overall style line of the bedroom interior

Small mirror in gilded frames

An oval mirror hanging on the wall helps smooth out sharp corners

Small sun-framed mirror

The mirror in the shape of the sun will become the original decor of the bedroom interior

If your bedroom is made in light or white colors, then, perhaps, the choice of frames for the mirror should be stopped on the same color schemes.

Place for a mirror in the interior of a bedroom

The mirror in the white frame always looks organically, restrained and elegant.

If the room is made in a more contrasting color version, then as another color accent, you can use a black frame for the mirror.

Contrast mirror frame over the head of the bed

The mirror in the black frame stands out against the light pink wall trim

When adding a more bohemian chic to the design style, using a gold frame is a good option, provided that the larger and wider the frame itself and the more gold elements on it, the more vivid it will look.

Bedroom with floor mirror

The floor mirror in a gilded frame fits perfectly into any stylistic direction

If your interior is made in brown and beige colors, or perhaps you are focusing on the use of natural materials, then it is best to use a brown mirror frame or a wooden frame.

Wooden frame square mirror

A mirror in a wooden frame harmoniously complements the interior, made in bright colors

The opinion of psychologists and specialists in Feng Shui interior in the bedroom with a mirror

If you follow Feng Shui, then when choosing a mirror for the bedroom, you need to consider some details:

  • the mirror in the bedroom according to Feng Shui should be round or oval, avoid very sharp corners, as this negatively affects the energy in the room;
  • the place for sleeping should not be reflected in the mirror, so adhere to this rule when choosing the shape, size, and also the location of the mirror;
  • the height of the mirror should preferably correspond to the height of human growth, if your interior does not allow this, then the height should at least correspond to the reflection of the portrait;
  • Do not place mirrors opposite the door entrance, this also negatively affects the flow of energy in your home.

Remember that the competent arrangement of mirror surfaces will give well-being to your home.
So, is it good or bad to have a mirror over the bed in the bedroom?

Oval mirror in the bedroom in feng shui

According to the rules of Feng Shui, oval or round objects contribute to the achievement of moral and energy balance

Living orchid on the dresser in the bedroom

Feng Shui believes that the reflection in the mirror of colors increases positive energy

Psychologists agree on the placement of mirrors, namely, the main criterion is to place them where your awakening and the dream itself were favorable for you. As a result, you can not have mirrors opposite the berth. It is also undesirable to place the mirror in the place where a person sees himself immediately after waking up, since the person is still sleepy, he may be afraid of his reflection or some movements in the reflection (movement of curtains, his own movements).

Especially in the dark, mirrored surfaces can increase anxiety or even fears of the dark, so be wise in choosing and placing a mirror.

So that a person does not see himself tired or upset during the day, choose the correct version of the location of the mirror, namely, so that the look of your own reflection was a joy for you during morning makeup and transformation, when you are going somewhere and admire your reflection. Then you wonder where in the bedroom to hang a mirror?

Huge mirror in a modern bedroom

It is not advisable to oversaturate the interior with a large number of mirror surfaces, as this can cause mental discomfort

Garland on a narrow mirror in a bedroom

A narrow mirror suspended vertically significantly increases the height of the room

Psychologists offer the following mirror arrangements:

  • located on the side surfaces of your furniture, this is an excellent choice for those who want to increase the space in their room;
  • the location on the dressing table, it is very convenient and just matches all the necessary functions;
  • on the side walls of the room, which do not fall into the location next to the bed;
  • the location at the head of the bed, so when you wake up, the first rays of the sun in the early morning will be reflected in the room, and the day will seem brighter.
Original mirror above the bed in the bedroom

The mirror above the head of the bed is a fairly common design technique, with which you can emphasize the thematic nuances of the interior

Symmetrical placement of mirrors in the bedroom of a private house

A pair of mirrors located on the sides of the bed add a certain mystery and mystery to the surroundings.

Scandinavian style bedroom mirror

A thin-framed round mirror - the perfect solution for a bedroom in a minimalist style

Use these recommendations for the proper arrangement of mirrors in your bedroom, use them correctly and you will be more comfortable using your space, because every detail of the interior is of great importance.

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