Photos of the options for choosing the style and design of wallpaper for the children's room

Among all the methods of decorating walls, it is wallpapers in the nursery’s interior that are the most preferred material. This is due to a number of their main characteristics and features. But, before choosing one or another type, it is necessary to imagine the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, because the assortment in today's market is very wide. Therefore, making the wrong decision is very easy. To avoid this, you should read this article.

Light yellow wallpaper with a picture on the wall of the nursery

When choosing wallpapers for a children's room, you need to decide on the color scheme, pattern and material. And most importantly - keep within the family budget

Rules for choosing wallpaper for a children's room

Caring for children always pushes parents to choose the best for them. The same applies to the interior of the children's room. But, in addition to attractive elements of furniture, decor and textile design, it is necessary to take care of the proper decoration of the walls.

Colorful butterflies on paper wallpaper in a nursery

Children's wallpapers are colorful and bright, can be decorated with drawings

Before you purchase this or that option, you must consider the following points:

  1. Environmental friendliness - the parameter is very important, since the wallpaper should not emit toxic substances into the interior of the room.
  2. Turn your attention to paper and fabric - they are the best for air and moisture in the room. As a result, mold will not form on the walls.
  3. They should not have an unpleasant odor, as it can remain for a long time.
  4. To be sufficiently wear-resistant, since it is in the children's room that they are subjected to the greatest mechanical stress.
  5. Try to choose surfaces that do not accumulate dust on themselves. Prefer those that can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  6. Consider that color can have an intense psychological effect. That is why it is desirable to choose tones that are pleasant from the point of view of visual perception for the children's room.
  7. Aesthetic component, as it is necessary to please children when choosing material. They should not only be beautiful, but also satisfy the taste of the child, taking into account age and gender.
  8. If zoning is necessary, choose a combined finish using companion wallpapers.

Types of wallpaper in the nursery

To date, the market for interior decoration offers a wide variety of options for this type of coating. Not only the material used may differ, but, in a wide assortment, textures, textures, colors and applied patterns are presented. Thanks to this wallpaper for children in the room can be selected for a variety of room decoration options.

Bright wallpaper with drawings of trees in a small nursery

When choosing this or that wallpaper in the nursery, you need to understand how they meet the safety requirements


Vinyl options are a multilayer structure, the top layer of which is a synthetic coating. Thanks to them, you can hide some wall defects. In addition, after gluing with such wallpaper, the joints between the paintings are practically not visible.

Small stripes on the wallpaper in the room of students

Vinyl wallpapers hide small wall defects and are located approximately in the middle of the price category of wall decoration materials

But, they have one significant drawback - they do not allow air or water. As a result, the air will always stagnate in the room. That is, a local “greenhouse effect” is thus formed. It is this negative factor that parents need to consider. It can be avoided by regular ventilation.

Horizontal stripes on vinyl wallpaper in a nursery

Vinyl wallpapers are often chosen to design a teenager’s room

Another very negative effect is their crumbling and peeling structure. If this is not critical for a teenager, then young children can pick out the surface and take scraps into their mouths. This can lead to poisoning.


Today, paper wallpapers are presented in a variety of price segments. It can be both cheap finishing options, and exclusive, expensive materials. The main advantage is their safety and the formation of a surface that does not attract dust. Paper does not form static electricity.

Teenager room with wall paper

The quality of modern paper wallpaper allows you to create a pretty attractive design of the children's room

In addition, due to the presence of numerous pores, the wall covered with paper wallpaper will breathe well, which contributes to the formation of a healthy microclimate in the children's room. But, it is worth considering that inexpensive wallpapers can be subject to intense fading, which must be taken into account, especially when the windows face the sunny side.

Paper wallpaper in the room for newborns

Paper wallpapers are often chosen for a newborn's room. They have a short life, but they are not so expensive that it would be a pity to remake after a few years, when the child grows up

When forming a wall finish, it is very important that visible joints do not form between the sheets. To do this, it is important to carry out the manipulation as qualitatively as possible.


There are also other types of wallpapers. Each of them has its own advantages. But, if we talk about those that are best used in a children's room, then this is without a doubt bamboo, cork, fabric, fiberglass.

bedside table on the background of cork wallpaper

Cork wallpapers are absolutely environmentally friendly, pleasant to the touch and have good soundproofing properties.

Materials made on the basis of wood and plant fibers (bamboo, cotton and cork) breathe quite well due to the presence of pores. They maintain the highest level of environmental friendliness in the children's room. In addition, with their help, you can create a wide variety of effects and unexpected modern design options for a children's room.

Children's room with glass wall decoration

Cullets provide a strong anti-vandal coating that can be repainted many times

If we consider fiberglass, then many believe that it can affect negatively the health of the child. But, this is an erroneous opinion, since this material is environmentally friendly. The only thing that needs to be taken into account in this case is that such wallpapers in the nursery have the most unusual appearance, which can confirm the photo of the design of such an interior.

The choice of color of wallpaper for the interior of a children's room

Before gluing the wallpaper to the nursery, photos of different interiors will help to make the right color choice. The choice of color and its shade must be given the most careful attention. This is due to the fact that the effect of color on the psycho-emotional state of a person is quite intense.

Light paper wallpaper in a baby room

For pasting the walls in the room of a newborn, it is recommended to use wallpaper in light pastel shades.

For children of all ages and regardless of gender, you must choose the most light shades. They will always tune in a positive way, regardless of whether they relate to warm or cold colors.

It is also necessary to take into account the basic coloristic rules:

  • In small areas, for example, in Khrushchev, it is best to use extremely light shades. But in every possible way to avoid white. First, it may seem boring to a child.Secondly, with the incorrect organization of external and internal lighting, it will always acquire a dirty grayish tint.
  • If there is not enough natural light in the room, then the cold shades will appear darker and darker. In these cases, it is better to use pastel warm tones.
  • Do not combine more than 3-4 primary colors, as this will form a visual overload and imbalance in the interior of the room.
Light bulbs on cords in a student's room

For a preschooler's room, a good choice would be wallpaper for painting, which is easy to restore when stains and drawings appear

Beautiful decor of the painted wall in the nursery

Using wallpaper for painting, you yourself can choose the right shade. And you can diversify plain walls with the help of an interesting decor

Neutral colors

The neutral color scheme in the room, in principle, is more suitable for adolescents. But, if it is diluted with interspersed with bright colors, then such an interior will become interesting for young children.

Yellow accents in a nursery with neutral wallpaper

Let the teenager actively participate in the choice of design concept for their room

In the vast majority of cases, the following colors are used:

  • beige;
  • cream;
  • sand;
  • light straw;
  • gentle peach;
  • pale pink;
  • pale yellow;
  • light pistachio.

These colors will always be a great base for interspersing brighter colors.

Beige wallpaper in a nursery with a blue ceiling

A beige and blue combination will create a sophisticated and sophisticated interior.

Blue color

Blue color is not so often used to design a nursery. It is believed that he is rather gloomy and uncomfortable in terms of perception. But, this is a mistake, because it is important which shade of blue is used and in what combination. If you combine light blue shades with sand and milk, then this combination is suitable for an interior in a marine style. Boys will be satisfied with such a room.

Blue wallpaper over the children's sofa

In a small children's room, it is better to give the role of accent to blue

The combination with light pink or other delicate pastel and creamy colors will give an interesting combination for the girl’s room.

Pink and blue room for a girl

The combination of pink and blue creates a calm and stylish design, diluted with small notes of romanticism.


Among the whole variety of color combinations, absolutely any can be used, with rare exceptions. Gray and black colors are undesirable. They can cause depression and a depressed psycho-emotional state in a child.

Blue wallpaper with colorful peas

Blue and white tones - a traditional solution for a boy’s room

Blue and brown stripes on the wallpaper in the nursery

Brown-blue combination gives the room an atmosphere of warmth and comfort

The choice of wallpaper for the nursery, depending on the gender of the child

Naturally, when choosing a wallpaper, parents always take into account the gender and age of the child. For boys and girls, they prefer different colors, as well as different drawings and a combination of wallpapers.

Wallpaper with a map in the bedroom of a schoolboy boy

The design of the children's room directly depends on the gender, age and interests of the child

Wallpaper Design for Boy

For the boy, however, preference should be given to such coloristic combinations as:

  1. Blue + sand - for a marine style.
  2. Chocolate + beige - for a classic interior.
  3. Sand color + any bright shade - for modern interiors in the style of hi-tech or loft.

In this case, drawings for wallpaper are better to choose in the form of any texture or simple geometry.

Can also be applied wallpaper with photos for the walls of the boy’s nursery. The image may be different, depending on the individual preferences of the child. It can be the heroes of your favorite movies or games, sports stories or abstraction.

Wall mural in the bedroom of a little boy

Wallpaper with photo printing allows you to create bright attractive accents and zoning the space of a child’s room

For girl

For a little girl, you can choose a wallpaper with a variety of motifs with fairies, fairy-tale characters, animals, birds or flowers.

Wallpaper selection for a room for young girls

Castle murals will appeal to preschool girls and elementary school students

Elegant young wallpapers are more suitable for a young lady. Often choose products in the style of Provence or Shabby chic.In this case, against a neutral background of wallpaper, small flowers of pastel shades are scattered, which resembles chintz.

Wallpaper for the little girl’s olive room

Cozy room of a girl in the style of Provence with delicate floral wallpaper

Pink wallpaper in the bedroom of a preschool girl

The romantic interior of the children's bedroom in the style of shabby chic with pink wallpaper

Also, girls often choose murals with the image of various cities or young couples in love for their rooms. Most often they are placed at the head of the bed or along the side of the bed.

Mirror cabinet in the bedroom of the girl

Stylish photo wallpaper in the room of a teenage girl

Orange-blue wallpaper in the bedroom of the girl

Wallpaper with an orange pattern on a blue background will add solar warmth to the interior

In fact, there are a variety of options for decorating a children's room with wallpaper. It can be the most neutral materials or vice versa, vivid and catchy photo wallpaper. What to choose for your child should not be decided individually, but be sure to take into account his opinion.

Video: Liquid wallpaper in the children's room

Photos of beautiful examples of wallpaper in the interior of the nursery

How varied may be the decisions of the interiors, you can see the numerous photos that are presented below.

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